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Pack Dreadmoon

Clan: Grimward
Estimated Size: Medium
Insignia: Jagged Crescent Moon

Pack Dreadmoon is a medium size Pack located on the northwest corner of Grimward territory on a natural peninsula. Dreadmoon is known for their sailing prowess, equal to any on Mardrun. However, being so small makes Dreadmoon easily overlooked, and no match for the larger naval Clans like Squallborn and Stormjarl.

Dreadmoon’s natural advantage on having a small territorial front has allowed them to hold their own against larger Packs like Oakheart and Graytide. The Dreadmoon border is crossed by a watch and signal system, giving them ample time to respond to any raider. The coast has this as well, allowing Dreadmoon to see foes by both land and sea. There has also been talk of replicating the Shield of Mardrun on a smaller scale by Dreadmoon, though nothing yet has come of it.

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