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Pack Grimward

Pack Grimward
Clan: Founders of Clan Grimward
Size: Large
Insignia: Grimward Crest

Pack Grimward is without a doubt the most prominent Pack within all of Clan Grimward, the founders of the entire clan hailing from their ancestry. Known for their size and strength the warriors of Pack Grimward are arguably some of the most vicious berserkers that have ever been known to the Ulven. Steadfast and headstrong, Pack Grimward are natural leaders through and through, favoring both skill and cunning while at the same time valuing rage and brutality. Truly a hardy people they have been a major party since the creation of their clan even during periods of one of their name not holding the title of Clanleader. Home to many legendary warriors and witches Pack Grimward itself is a force to be reckoned with and that’s before one considers their strength at the head of their clan. Co-Inhabiting the main settlement of Hadrborg with Pack Moonfury, Pack Grimward truly stands to their reputation of courage and aggression.

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