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Pack Skullhammer

Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward.
Estimated Size: Small
Insignia: Warhammer
Warpack Leader: Karsten Skullhammer

Pack Skullhammer is on the northern coast of Clan Grimward territory. They are a smaller but fierce pack, with their neighbors to the west being Pack Oakheart, the south Pack Dreamsnarl, and to the southeast Pack Moonfury. With Oakheart and Moonfury being warlike Packs, Skullhammer territory is small, but guarded fiercely, with their warriors wearing the distinct skull face paint when they go to war. Their people are known carpenters, and for using their hammers for both building and destroying. 

Their warpacks are led by Karsten Skullhammer; a man of few words but fierce reputation. He fought in the Ulven-Colonists wars as well as the Ulven Civil War. He is known for revering traditions, and brutally blunt tactics. 

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