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The Battle of Grayfield

The Battle of Grayfield

This excerpt is part of the overall Kingdom of Aldoria page.

The Battle of Grayfield

About a century before the Undead Plague, tension existed between the Syndar and Human nations. Border skirmishes and disagreements popped up throughout the continent of Faedrun and at any moment a full scale war could erupt between the two races. Although the Kingdom of Vandregon had the largest standing army at the time, the King of Vandregon pushed for reason and peace. The King of Aldoria, seeing an opportunity to seize more land and strike first, made a bold move and marched an army into the lands of the Syndar. As the soldiers fought, killed or displaced the smaller Syndar settlements, the King of Vandregon dispatched an army to follow the Aldorians. What the Aldorian generals thought were reinforcements were actually other humans sent to stop the Aldorian advance. The King of Vandregon was willing to gamble and confront their neighboring kingdom in an attempt to solve the situation quickly before all out war broke out with the Syndar.

The Aldorians refused to retreat. They lobbied that to do so would show the Syndar that the human nations were unorganized and fractured. As the Aldorians stalled, the Syndar army gathered and began to move to resist the humans. Political council rooms exploded in heated comments and oaths of revenge if either side came to blows. The human nations bickered, torn between uniting for Man or in giving in to the Syndar. The tension continued to grow as neither kingdom backed down.

To this day, nobody knows for sure what finally sparked what was to be known as the Battle of Grayfield. Generals from both sides were in a heated discussion, waiting for word sent to reach the political councils of each nation and then the replies back to the army. As tension mounted, fighting broke out, centered around the general’s tent. The armies clashed, desperately trying to gain ground to see their leaders to safety. Soldiers fought violently, each side convinced that the other side had sprung a sneak attack on their respective generals. After a short but incredibly bloody battle, most of the leadership of each side and over half of both armies’ soldiers were dead. The incident was named the Battle of Grayfield to represent the deaths of humans that died over a misunderstanding, of the lack of unified colors of their respective nations.

As the Syndar army marched forth onto the encampment, they were stalled by the destruction the humans had unleashed on each other. The Syndar, now having the upper hand, could have easily advanced through the ruined camp and destroyed the remaining survivors of each army and continue their march into the human kingdoms. The Syndar General instead stopped his army, showing respect to the remaining Vandregonian soldiers, and healed the wounded of both sides. There could not have existed any proof more profound than the soldiers of Vandregon willing to battle their neighbors in order to stop them from attacking the Syndar. The Syndar halted their forces, agreed to terms with Vandregon, and ended hostilities with the humans. This single battle would usher in the golden age of peace between the humans and the Syndar.

However, the Battle of Grayfield did end the relations between Vandregon and Aldoria for years to come. The Aldorians felt betrayed and abandoned by their fellow humans. The armies were rebuilt and stationed at the borders of each kingdom, staring each other down in a waiting game to see if further conflict would erupt. Aldoria, far smaller than the kingdom of Vandregon, began to increase its political and religious influences with the nobles and houses of all the human kingdoms, to rally their favor if ever the nations again came to blows. Both nations settled in for a long and tense cold war.

Many years and countless political debates later, the Kingdoms of Vandregon and Aldoria have eased back into an apprehensive nature. No further battles erupted and no other armies were rallied between the two kingdoms. As the survivors of those times had children and those children had their own children, the bitterness between the nations cooled. However, to this day it is a common start to a large tavern brawl if someone claims that “the other side started it at Grayfield”.

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Storyline & Background Info

Here you will find a rough summary of the timeline of events in the Last Hope storyline. This will be updated and periodically changed as new information is brought into the game world.

Although the calendar begins at Year 1, there have been numerous human and syndar calendars that have existed for millenia. The momentous occasion of the two races meeting on Faedrun for the first time had begun to be referred to as a “new era” and some began to adopt what has been known as the “Commonalty Calendar”. It has been the simplest calendar to survive the ravages of the war on Faedrun and is the most common one used to date.

Year 1 – Humans and Syndar meet each other for the first time and conflict erupts, mainly border skirmishes and small battles. The May’Kar reach out to the Syndar Kingdoms in an attempt to open up communications between the races. The new calendar begins, representing a brand new age for the combined races of Faedrun.

Year 2 – An short age of expansion and conflict begins as Syndar technology is learned and humans encroach on Syndar lands.

Year 4 – Human and Syndar kingdoms mobilize for full-scale war.

Year 5 – After the Battle of Grayfield, a truce is signed between the Human and Syndar nations. Full scale war between human and Syndar nations is avoided.

Year 197 – The undead are sighted in the region of the Richtcrag nation and the Nara Pentare. Reports are dismissed as the situation escalates very quickly.

Year 199 – The Nara Pentare is decimated as a whole and the barbaric Richtcrag tribes are either swallowed up by the undead plague and penitent or scattered farther south.

Year 200 (Old World Event: 2011) – The Undead Plague begins large scale on Faedrun. The 5th Regiment holds out against the penitent and undead and waits for reinforcements.

Year 201 (Old World Event: 2012) – The 5th Regiment, stationed around Barnmuth, train new soldiers and coordinate defenses against the undead army. The elite Vandregon Rangers and the mysterious clerics of the May’Kar join them. Powerful undead, such as the Revanent and the Banshee, rip through the Vandregon lines but the 5th holds.

Year 202 (Old World Event: 2013) – The 5th Regiment abandons Barnmuth after a massive army of undead and penitent move into the area. The 5th regroups and waits for reinforcements at another village and begins training new troops. Mysterious and powerful undead are discovered and clues to finding new ways to fight the undead’s dark energy is discovered. The 5th goes to battle against the Banshee and the Revenant, greater undead that have followed them from Barnmuth.

Year 203 (Old World Event: 2014) – The 5th Regiment learns of a ritual to destroy some of their undead foes, and in a pitched battle they lose the garrisoned keep. Commander Calder is killed in the battle and the 5th retreats to a safer location.

Year 204 (Old World Event: 2015) – Relentlessly pursued by the undead following the loss of their keep, the 5th Regiment finally receives reinforcements: a May’Kar paladin and his entourage arrive to take command, train the existing troops, and fight against the undead. Despite his best efforts, desertion by a number of soldiers and defection of several mages into the Cult of Anguish put the 5th on the defensive once again, with many of the soldiers remaining with the Paladin in a last stand against the Revenant to buy time for the others to escape.

Year 205  – As the undead plague spreads and ravage the Syndar lands, the human and Syndar kingdoms finally joined together in the Grand Alliance.
(Old World Event: 2016) The 5th Regiment conducts military operations against the local penitent forces while waiting for reinforcements from the newly formed Grand Alliance. After a pitched battle and numerous successes, the 5th Regiment is able to hold out long enough to send a number of survivors from the Regiment to Vandregonian Strongholds. In their possession is a Hellenstone; a special rock artifact that has immense potentials as a weapon against the magic of the undead. Suffering immense losses, the 5th Regiment is absorbed into other military forces in the Grand Alliance… the story of the 5th Regiment of Vandregon ended with their noble sacrifices.

Year 210 – The Syndar Kingdoms begin to retreat farther north and secure their borders in an attempt to stop the undead plague.

Year 235 – The May’Kar Dominion betrays the other kingdoms and joins the penitent and undead. The Army of Vandregon splits into a Northern and Southern army to deal with this threat. The Yabuntu begin to emigrate out of their homelands and into the hearts of Vandregon and Aldoria to avoid the front of the May’Kar battles and to continue to help provide weapons and armor to fighters.

Year 250 – The continent of Mardrun is discovered and the colony of Newhope is started. The Ulven are discovered and the fighting breaks out between the colonists and the Ulven. Plans are immediately put into place by the Order of Arnath’s Fist to build a fortress on the new continent, called Starkhaven. [This is the earliest that a colonist PC could have travelled to Mardrun (other than the Phoenix)]

Year 251 – The colonists of Newhope and the Ulven form a truce and the fighting stops.

Year 252 – The May’Kar Dominion is finally defeated and almost its entire population killed by the Northern army of Vandregon.

Year 253 – The Kingdom of Aldoria is crushed by the undead and destroyed on Faedrun. This event starts a series of events known as “The Fall”.

Year 254 – The Southern army of Vandregon is decimated by the surge of troops and undead from the Aldorian population on Faedrun. A series of ships launch carrying as many survivors as they can, their arrival on Mardrun is the last that’s seen for years. [This is the latest that a colonist PC could have travelled to Mardrun]

Year 260 (2011) – Starkhaven is almost complete, the first heavily fortified settlement on Mardrun, when the Order slows down construction due to economic strain. Major shift in Mordok behavior is observed, as more adventurers explore the Dirge and try to understand the Mordok. Tensions mount between the pro-colonist and anti-colonist Ulven. Small settlements of colonists continue to expand across the continenent and the first signs of organized bandit groups are noticed.

Year 261 (2012) – A boat arrives from Faedrun but the passengers and the message they bring is unknown. Ulven Civil War breaks out with Clan Nightriver and Clan Grimward rallying for opposite sides. Rumors and sightings of a Syndar leading the Mordok run rampant through the settlements. Undead are discovered on Mardrun but the Coalition forces move quickly and hunt them down, destroying the lich which led them through the use of a relic known as a Paladin Blade.

Year 262 (2013) – Clan Grimward invades the western Watchwolf Clan territory; small skirmishes take place between the two all year. Trade routes are expanded as caravans request more guards to protect them from Mordok and bandits. The Nobles of Newhope and the leaders of the other Colonies discuss how to become more involved in the war effort. A concentrated effort to learn more about the Mordok and the Syndar that has been sighted with them result in several Dirge Swamp expeditions; although dangerous, clues and mysterious texts are found. Clan Grimward invasion of the western Watchwolf Clan territory stalls and then is beaten back by Coalition forces. Clan Grimward and their allies launch a massive invasion of Clan Stormjarl.

Year 263 (2014) – As the year began, delegates from among the coalition and various neutral clans met to discuss the future of the civil war threatening to tear the continent apart. While many still refused to take a side in the war, a number of smaller clans pledged allegiance to Nightriver and the Coalition in the fight. An honor debt from decades ago was called in shortly thereafter, enlisting the Longfang warriors to defend Stormjarl lands against the imminent Grimward invasion in a bloody battle near Black Wolf Creek. The Stormjarl defenders stood their ground, though many lives, including most of the Longfang elite Ulfednar were lost in the melee. Later, following the passing of their Runeseer Soulveig, Pack Longfang witnessed a new threat emerge: the Red-Eyed Syndar, a familiar face near the Dirge Swamp, emerged leading a large, coordinated group of Mordok near the outpost. He performed a powerful ritual to corrupt the very earth before taking his leave, and it has been all the Daughters of Gaia can manage to merely contain the site. As the weeks drew on, the Red-Eyed Syndar continually harassed Onsallas, capturing victims and corrupting others, swiftly leading to the turning of Captain Morty of the Pirates of New Oarsmeet and fueling fears from a vast number of Ulven. After discovering a strange orb that seemed to predate Onsallas itself, many scholars and magic-users came to investigate the device: many wanted to unlock its secrets, others felt that it had been buried for a reason and should not be tampered with. The research continued, for better or worse, as did the war. A number of Coalition raids on Whiteoak villages were executed as the winter began to set in, catching the defenders off-guard and striking deep against Clan Grimward’s largest ally. As bandits and unsavory sorts began to amass in the areas near Crow’s Landing, even greater trouble was brewing in the Great Forest. Mordok, led by Captain Morty, had been targeting high-profile individuals in the area, growing bolder and more brutal. They were confronted by a hunting party established to investigate the occurrences, though the hunters were tricked, resulting in nearly half their number being run down and torn apart by the Mordok.

Year 264 (2015) – Haygreth Grimward doggedly pursues his conquest of Mardrun, having led a rather successful campaign into Stormjarl territory, and begins setting his sights on Clan Watchwolf’s western settlement. Despite the valiant efforts of the Coalition, their aid was too little, too late and the settlement fell to Grimward occupation. Riding this momentum, Grimward pressed Clan Ironmound to either join them or sign a declaration of neutrality, hoping to keep them from siding with Clan Nightriver, although that was the final outcome. More research had been done into the strange orb found near Onsallas Outpost, which led adventurers from both sides of the war on a hazardous, joint expedition deep into the Dirge Swamp. Inside, they found evidence of a generations-old conspiracy enacted by a group known as the Lorespeakers, turning the concept of the Ulven Way on its head. As the war reignited following this discovery, Grimward found themselves in a desperate situation and were forced to gamble their conquest on a risky surprise assault into Nightriver territory. The combined forces of the Coalition repelled the attack, and forced Grimward to agree to a peace treaty, effectively ending the war.

Year 265 (2016) – With the war now at an end the world begins to recover, however some are not willing to let go of what they gained. Soldiers in Daven’s Hold refusing to give up an entire village in Clan Ironmound territory, however such selfish desires were denied thanks to those helping Clan Ironmound with their supplies shortage. The political dinner in New Hope was set to deliver reparations to those who signed the peace treaty, however Clan Stormjarl and the Colony of New Aldoria refused to accept a single silver as a sign of protest due to their views of how unfair it was to Clan Stormjarl.
Even though one threat ended, a new threat emerged. In Hazemane Village, Mordok descended upon those attempting to repair their home and with them, a new and deadly weapon, Creeping Corruption. With never before seen organization, these Mordok began to spread an affliction that would soon plague much of Mardrun. Throughout the year, many tried to find ways to combat the deadly Creeping Corruption, there were some attempts that were successful, but at great cost or too demanding of any one person.

Year 266 (2017) – As the year begins, the City-State of New Hope initiated its Great Works, a series of projects to help improve the infrastructure of their lands and cities. Including bringing Daven’s Reach back under their control from Bandits.
In the middle of Mardrun, Clan Riverhead is faced with a sudden and unexpected army of Mordok. Their cries for aid were heard and with that aid are able to hold back the tide of death just long enough for their people to retreat into neighboring clans.
During the summer of that year, Prince Ayln, Clan Stormjarl, and many allies decide to gain what is owed to them sending an invading army into Clan Squalborn territory. While Clan Squalborn pleads and asks for aid, no help came to them.
Throughout the year, many people continued to research and attempt to find a cure for the Creeping Corruption. However, in November there was a breakthrough and a cure was discovered. With this new discovery, the people of Mardrun started to recover from the magical plague that ravaged was ravaging them.
After their annihilation of Clan Riverhead, the Mordok took up residence in the Great Wolf’s Hackles and the Great Forest. This eventually pushes the clans to host a Grand Moot, and it is decided the Ulven People will begin their war with the Mordok.

Year 267 (2018) – An honored few Ulven warriors are selected to fight the Mordok in the Great Forest for the honored and sacred Great Wolf’s Hunt. During these battles, ulven warriors gained immense renown by clearing out the mordok in the Great Forest despite brutal resistance.
The focus of the Ulven people shifts towards creating the Shield of Mardrun; a defensive line of outposts to the north along the Dirge Swamp. Clan Shattered Spear, specifically Pack Dawnrock, blitzkriegs its way through the Mordok lines. Shattered Spear forces soon come to a sudden grind against the Mordok war machine. However, after tenacious effort and immense coordination of resources, supplies, and construction efforts the Shield of Mardrun is well under way.
Midway through the year; the colony of Starkhaven is rocked as a “civil war” breaks out between several of its Chapters from the Order of Arnath. After a brief and bloody confrontation, the battle is ended, the Hand of Arnath dead, and the foundation is laid out for rebuilding in a new and progressive direction for both the Order of Arnath and the colony of Starkhaven.
Along the eastern side of the Shield of Mardrun, Clan Whiteoak presses back against two war-fronts. One front is the more serious threat to them, the Mordok, while the second came from their southern borders, Clan Axehound who has been continuously raiding them. However, a pack consisted of both Whiteoak and Axehound, known as Pack Redwind took a stance and made their voice known on trying to bring peace to both clans. Talks between the pack leaders began but their efforts were ended early when they were killed by mordok. Their stories lived on about how they fought together to the end, emboldening Ulven from both Clan Whiteoak and Clan Axhound to finally come to terms with peace.
Once winter set in, full scale war began as forces from all across Mardrun march against the Mordok of the Dirge Swamp. They were met with numbers and coordination unheard of from the Mordok. Using tactical maneuvering, sound logic, and commands the Mordok were not only able to hold their ground, but push back against their invaders. Unusual Mordok, walking upright and causing frenzy among their kind, were witnessed. Thousands of dead lay frozen in the swamp as the two armies assaulted each other with ferocious brutality.
The Ulven army wisely chose to reorganize, take up a defensive position, and then fall back to the Shield of Mardrun. They were able to hold the line as supplies, wounded, and lost warriors found their way back to the outposts of the Shield of Mardrun.

Year 268 (2019) – The year was fraught with peril of looming conflict between clans, the influence of political machinations of the colonies, and quests of knowledge by those who occupied Mardrun. 

The first part of the year followed a group of Celestial Arragones’s researchers as they went on to puzzle out why there are some Syndar artifacts littered  over the continent. They went into the dangerous Clan Grimward territory and discovered Syndar did visit and stay on this land in the far past, researching how to stop the Siphoning. They then found one of the devices that the Syndar developed deep in Riverhead lands, however it was surrounded by undead from the previous war with the Mordok. Once they discovered and unlocked more of its intent, they were led to the Dirge Swamp by a tip from a Syndar under an allias. Once there, they had to pay a terrible price to learn the truth of their questions: What laid in the area called the outlands, and the answer shook the foundations of everything the ulven believed…

The second part of the year was filled with political intrigue as it focused on the growing settlement of Silver’s Crossing. Many groups influenced the area in attempts to swing the settlement into their own grasp of power or influence. However this wasn’t the only political scheming occurring in the colonies as the Council of Six, the Council of Three, and Prince Aylin attempted to reign in and bring in many outlying settlements and groups under their banners. By doing so, these groups gained and solidified their positions in “The Game” and gathered more allies, and maybe even created a few enemies. 

The final part of the year focused on ever growing tensions between Clan Stormjarl and Clan Grimward. With Clan Stormjarl’s wounded honor on the line, they were willing to go to war to save not only their honor, but those who were honorbound and the lands that were taken from them. In the end, thanks in large part to mediation by Clan Nightriver, the two Clans were able to come to a peaceful agreement that ended the fighting and saw Stormjarl sign the treaty that had ended the Civil War years ago. Furthermore, Clan Squallborn decided to bare its throat to Clan Stormjarl in hopes of having its people survive the oncoming winter. This was not taken well by the packs of Clan Squallborn and an ancient tradition called the Attenjav was issued, with packs wishing to seek their own path rather than be absorbed by the clan that put them in this situation in the first place.


Year 269 (2020) – Coming At Some Point. (It was 2020…give us a break.)


Year 270 (2021) – A long planned expedition set off to the center of The Dirge Swamp lead by a Newhope Research team under the employ of Celestial Arragones to take readings in an effort to learn the magical and natural history of the Dirge and corruption. This expedition coincided with one undertaken by The Order of Arnath to locate and retreive a Hellenstone, a mysterious magical stone with properties that could be used to battle The Undead. Both goals were successful. The Order had their stone, and a great deal of information was learned about the origins of The Dirge Swamp. Arragones released a proclamation stating that the Ancient Syndar were heroes who captured the being that is now known as The Mother to keep her from spreading corruption across the continent, but soon after a letter began to circulate stating that Arragones was withholding the true story. This writer claims to have been present in The Dirge during the expedition and says that the Ancient Syndar were not actually heroes who captured The Mother, but instead the ones who brought her to our plain of existence in the first place in an effort to harness her power for experiments. They went on to explain that the Ancient Syndar used her power to create a powerful hybrid-race of Syndar and Ulven and when the Mother escaped her containment she corrupted these offspring and turned them into The Mordok.

The Ulven people as a whole were taken aback by this information and grew upset that Arragones would attempt to hide the truth of history, though most Clans pushed for a measured response. The Clans pooled their resources together and outfitted an expedition of Fleetfoot scouts from Clan Steinjottun and Truthseekers from each Clan to journey the center of The Dirge and attempt to verify these claims. In the meantime, Clan Grimward shut down all of its borders to all Colonist traffic.

In this tumultuous time, Prince Aylin of Aldoria continued to put himself into center stage. He held the first annual Grand Winter Festival in which he invited people from all over the continent to come together and share their winter traditions in a hope to spread unity and friendship among the people of Mardrun. It seems though that this event was also a way for Aylin to make his stances on key issues known to the people as a whole. Aylin, in front of key Ulven representatives, condemned the actions of Celestial Arragones and went as far as to say that any member of the council who lies from their official office is no better than a tyrant. It is still too early to tell how this strained chapter will shake out, but there is no doubt that the final reports from the Fleetfoot expedition party will be big news.


Year 271 (2022) – Current timeline of Last Hope– At the beginning of the year a series of rumors began to swirl about brutal and violent raids on small colonist farming settlements along the Newhope borders, though no one knew who was behind them.

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Upcoming Event Schedule

Upcoming Events

To access our upcoming event schedule, you will need to create an account on our Last Hope forums.
Click here to access the Upcoming Events section of our forums.

Combat Practice – Every week we host a combat practice that is several hours each time. This is a great chance for new players to join, practice the combat mechanics, and ask questions.
New World – Every month we host a single or multiple day event in the current Mardrun storyline.
Old World – Once a year, usually in the fall, we host a large event we call Old World. This is a “prequel” event to our storyline where we go back in time and play out events that happened in the past.
Conventions and Ren Faires – Periodically throughout the year, Last Hope will be attending and doing demos at renaissance faires and gaming conventions. For example, we regularly attend the Midwinter Gaming Convention in January in Milwaukee, WI and the New Glarus Ren Fiare in October in New Glarus, WI.


To get notifications and to find out more information on our events, we recommend that you join our Facebook group.
Click here to access our Facebook group for the Last Hope LARP.

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Game Resources and Links

Tutorials and How-Tos

Daisy and Jude’s Larp Craft Tutorials

Simple and cheap tips and patterns for costumes and accessories

The Armor Archive

Patterns for making your own armor

Renaissance Hair How-To-Guide

Courtesy of Costume Supercenter, this tutorial and guide is how to style your long hair in a more medieval/renaissance fashion.


Player Resources


States of Play: Nordic Larp Around the World

Collection of articles dealing with the the theory behind larp, different kinds of larp, and much more. Very in depth.

Larp Couture

A blog all about costuming in larp, fantasy or not!

Lizzie Stark

A blog from the journalist Lizzie Stark, author of Leaving Mundania. She writes about larp today, both in the States and in the Nordic countries. Very useful when learning about Nordic and immersion larping!

Bad Ass Larp Talks

This is a blog that looks at a number of different topics related to LARP. A great resource for understanding numerous angles (including problems, obstacles, social interactons and personal psychology).


More coming soon! Have a link or a resource you think might be useful? Or your own shop you want listed? Please let us know, and we can add it our list!



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What to Expect from an Event

What is Last Hope: New World?

Last Hope: New World is an immersive LARP which focuses on the story line first. The Last Hope community of players and heralds recognize the importance of plot development and world creation. Unlike some other LARPs, which focus on combat, Last Hope: New World is all about characters. Specifically, it is about your character, and where they fit into the story of how the New World and Old World collided.
Is your character a bold adventurer from the old world? Are they a tired refugee? Are they a proud native of the New World? It is up to you to create an interesting personality and background for your character, and to help enrich and define the realm of fantasy that this community has created.
The events and developments of our LARP games are documented by our contributing writers and archived on our Wiki for future reading. As a community, we are writing a story. By attending our events, your character becomes a part of that story.
The world of Last Hope is one fraught with danger, swordplay, and high adventure, but it also incorporates delicate political situations and the interactions of unique cultures.

What is Last Hope: Old World?

The Old World events focus on the large scale historical battles that took place on the old continent of Faedrun before the fall. While New World events have plenty of action and combat opportunities, the Old World events are your chance to put your carefully developed New World character on the shelf for a weekend, assume the role of a foot soldier in the last desperate stand to defend Faedrun, and just fight ranks upon ranks of the undead.

Both Old and New World events use the same interactive combat, armor, and magic systems. Last Hope combat utilizes medium contact melee with latex style foam LARP weapons.

A Typical Last Hope Game:

Check In/ Registration

A typical game starts with what is called Check In or Registration. This is where you sign in, pay your membership fee, and retrieve your character card and your silver. For your first event you are required to play an NPC or Non-Player Character role so we will provide your character information card and silver. We ask that everyone come to check in dressed in their base layer of garb so we can see if you need anything and assist with loaner garb if necessary.

At registration we perform a weapons check to ensure that the weapons you bring meet our weapons safety standards. Please have them ready with you when you get in line to check in. If you are part of a player faction make sure to have your belt flag with you so your faction gets credit. We also check trade kits to ensure that they are complete.

If it is your first event ever or your first event in the calendar year, you will be required to sign a player contract and a waiver. You can print it off from our website and bring it ready to go! Players ages 15 – 17 must have a signed parental consent form if they plan to play without a parent or guardian. For the safety of all of our players, we do not allow players aged 14 and under to play without the presence of a parent or guardian.

After you check in, this is the time to put on the rest of your garb and get into character, as well as meet up with old friends!

Its also the time to ask questions, or receive your assignments if you are playing an NPC or Monster.

Combat Training

If this is your first event and you have not attended one of our local fight practices, one of our combat trainers will teach you our combat system. We encourage you to read the rules and get an understanding of the combat system ahead of time, but this training is a requirement for every new player.

Briefing & Game On!

The heralds will call all the players together for a meeting, wherein the basic premise of the event will be gone over for those who did not read the event description. Any special considerations or rules for that particular game will be explained, along with any announcements that might be needed. This is the time for last minute questions or concerns! Once this meeting is over, we do a last check through the game area to ensure that all out of game or “non-decorum” items have been put away. After that is complete, everyone will take their places, and Game On will be called!

In Game

Once game on is called, players and NPCs are expected to remain in character at all times. If you are having difficulty staying in character, you may leave the game area and go to the Out-of-Character area to relax in, without disturbing the rest of the game. If there are any concerns or questions you might have, there will be heralds available to answer! Otherwise, stay in character and enjoy yourself!

Game Off & Debriefing

At the end of an event, Game Off will be called by the heralds, signalling the end of the game. Once again, we all gather together with the heralds. The heralds will summarize the game, for those who might have missed anything, and some announcements might be made. After the debriefing, everyone is required to check out.

Check Out

Everyone is required to check out.  This is important and part of this is for safety. We need to make sure that no one is left out on the trails.

At check out you will turn in your character card & silver. You also report the state of your character’s health and armor. This is a great time to cool down and decompress after an exciting or contentious role play session. Remember, it’s never a good idea to leave at odds with another person! If you had an intense role play experience with someone, be sure to talk to them out of character at the end of game. This helps prevent misunderstandings! It’s also a good time to chat and boast about your own doings, as well as hear other’s stories about their own adventures!

After Game

It is not unusual for the group to meet up afterwards and eat together, and continue telling stories. Ask a herald if there are any plans for Afters!

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Garb and Costuming

What is garb?

Garb is a commonly-used term in LARP to designate the clothing you wear at a LARP. It covers a lot of different articles of clothing, a host of different styles, and it’s what really serves to get people immersed in the game – it’s much easier to interact with someone acting like a wizard if they’re dressed for the part!

Why is garb important?

More than anything else in Last Hope (or LARP in general), garb is what distinguishes you from the ‘real world’ and lets you feel more immersed in the game. It can help you feel more in-character, it makes for some great pictures, and really good garb is a source of pride, both for individual players and the game as a whole. Just by dressing well, you’re adding to the experience for other players, which is really important. It can also act as a visual indicator of your character’s status and personality – for example, a nobleman and beggar can easily be distinguished from one another by merit of garb alone.

In order to emphasize this, Last Hope has a few policies to encourage good garb. The rulebook sets out the basic guidelines for making garb, but there are three things to keep in mind.

  1. In order to play as a PC, you are required to have passable garb. There is some leeway for players that are just starting the game, but there are also a number of people who are willing to help with the construction and acquisition of garb.
  2. Loaner garb will typically be available for NPCs and Monster positions – really dedicated players may have their own garb for these roles, but we will typically have loaner gear available.
  3. Start basic, and build your way up, keeping in mind the amount you’re willing to spend and your skill level with sewing. No one expects you to start out with a custom-tailored garment, but there is a minimum standard. Talk with a Herald about costuming or whether or not a piece “passes”, and always keep in mind the culture of the character you’re portraying – each group has its own costuming guidelines!


But what about weapons and armour? Aren’t they more important?

While they are more important for the combat aspect of the game, they are not more important for the immersion. While a good latex weapon is vital to surviving contact, we generally have a lot more loaner weapons available than we do good loaner garb, and while you cannot play a PC without garb, you can play one without your own weapon. Remember – this is a role-playing game, not a combat sport, so while these things will help, they are not vital to making a character.

Armour is another issue that comes up frequently. As a rule, while armour can be used to supplement garb, it is not garb. The reason for this distinction comes from the nature of armour in Last Hope: if your armour is broken, then you will need to remove it so that it can be repaired. If you don’t have passing garb under your armour, then you would be breaking immersion for the other players, which is something we try and avoid. If you have specific questions about this, feel free to talk to a Herald.

Where should I start?

All garb starts with the three basics:

  1. Upper body (shirt, dress, robe, or other covering of that nature)
  2. Bottom layer (either pants, a skirt or dress, or a kilt, depending on gender and culture)
  3. Acceptable footwear

These base layers will act as a really simple way to get you started for a number of roles. There are a number of web resources for making these sorts of garments, suited to all skill levels. Let’s start with the obvious ones.

Shirts and Tunics

  • A basic tunic design
  • A slightly more complex, but more tailored design can be found here.
  • Another good tunic design, with detailed instructions is available here.
  • A Viking-style tunic that works well for the Ulven is available here
  • Another Viking-style tunic, this time with slightly harder instructions is found here.
  • A good explanation of making a basic tunic can be found here, along with instructions for making the next element – pants.


Pants, Kilts, and other lower-body garments

  • As mentioned above, a good resource for making basic pants and a shirt is found here.
  • Some Viking resources for trousers and breeches can be found here and here.
  • Wrap pants are a perennial favourite for beginning garb-makers – these are a few guides to making these kind of pants, ranging from simple to moderately complex. Look for one that makes sense, and work away!
  • For those who wish to do no sewing whatsoever, here’s how to tie a great kilt. Remember that only Humans wear kilts – the Ulven just don’t find them manly.


Shoes and Foot Coverings

  • We’d recommend starting with dark (brown or black, preferably leather) boots – making your own footwear can be somewhat uncomfortable, and taking care of your feet is a top priority!
  • If you’re tight-up for footwear, this is a good trick for disguising more modern-looking shoes. Be careful with it, though, as you don’t want your garb to slip!
  • If you really, really want to make your own shoes, this is a good walk-through for making basic turnshoes.


What do I need next?

Once you’ve got the basic garb down, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about how you’ll handle inclement weather, differing social situations, and even just making some garb so you can change characters quickly. The following aren’t necessary for basic garb, but really add to it.

  1. Cloaks and tabards
  2. Gloves, pouches, and bags
  3. Hats, hoods, and head coverings
  4. Jewellery, metal accents, and charms

Generally, these are the things that you add to basic garb, as layering really helps to add versatility to your garb and helps to make much more distinctive characters. This is a good example of how layering works – I know it’s in German, but you can at least follow the pictures and see how a more interesting whole is created by starting with the basic layers and building up from there!

Where to go from here?

We may add some links to various partner stores here from time-to-time, but you are always encouraged to saunter over to our Facebook Group and ask any questions you may have there. Our players love to share insights into garb creation and where to find good pieces.

Unmedievable is a store that is run by one of our players. She focuses on gathering excellent garb pieces and selling them to our community at a great rate.

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Last Hope Rules

LAST HOPE GAME & EVENT RULES – VERSION 1.6 – Updated February 2019
These links will direct you to our website for download of the game rules.

Click here for the PDF File (Version 1.6, 2019)

Click here for the Amendment summary PDF File (Rules changed compared to Version 1.5, 2019)


Linked below are the current edition of the faction mechanics and rules used. With update 4.1, Factions have been renamed Organizations. These links will direct you to our website for download of the game rules.

Click here for a full Organization Rulebook PDF file (Version 4.1 – 2022)

Click here for a Change Log of Version 4.0 to Version 4.1 Changes


Click here for additional player tools and documents.

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Player Tools & Documents

This page is where you can find multiple forms, documents, manuals and guides.

Trade Manuals

The following manuals can be printed, double sided, on parchment paper (not plain white paper!) and sewn or lashed together to make a portable trade manual.

We’ve updated many of our trades for 2021. Please see the following change log for a summary of the updates!
–Change Log – August 2021–

Alchemist – 15 exp – Version 2.1
Bard – 10 exp – Version 1.2
Barkeep – 5 exp – Version 1.3
Barkeep Effect Card – Version 1.2
Blacksmith – 15 exp – Version 1.4
Companion – 10 exp – Version 1.0
Enchanter– 15 exp – Version 1.0
Enchanter Item Cards – Version 1.0
Enchanter Known Enchantments – Version 1.0
Escort – 10 exp – Version 1.0
Healer – 15 exp – Version 1.3
Healer Bill of Health – Version 1.3
Healer Extra Infection Cards – Version 1.3
Herbalist – 10 exp – Version 1.3
Hunter – 5 exp – Version 2.0
Instructor – 10 exp – Version 1.1
Laborer – 5 exp – Version 2.0
Merchant – 5 exp – Version 1.1
Merchant Seller’s Permit – Version 1.1
Picklemonger – 10 exp – Version 1.3
Soldier – 5 exp – Version 1.0
Surgeon – 15 exp – Version 1.0
Weaver – 15  exp – Version 1.3


Weapon Construction Guide

Here are some specifics for how to make Last Hope legal and safe weapons.
Last Hope – Weapon Construction Guide


Magic Spell Bag Tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make cheap, safe, and game legal spell bags for Last Hope.
Spell Bag Tutorial


Arcane & Divine Magic Cheat Sheets

Arcane Flow Chart v16



Player Contract & Waivers

Player Contract
Liability Waiver
Parental Consent Form

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Low Fantasy Character Creation Guide

How to create characters for a gritty, low-fantasy setting LARP
Written by Brian Pekarske

Fantasy wears many faces. Sometimes it is bright and colorful. Sometimes it is dark and shadowy. Some fantasy worlds feature flying machines and talking animals, others center on primitive people struggling to survive against predators and the elements.

Sometimes, people try to classify these different types of stories as either “low fantasy” or “high fantasy”. The simplest and most seemingly obvious way to categorize fantasy would seem to be based on the overall feel. People try to put a given story or series on some sort of “fantastic-ness scale” to see how it rates. Flying cats with psychic powers living in a world with green skies would be, by that definition, the extreme end of high fantasy. It isn’t that simple, though.

There is a lot more to high or low fantasy than just how weird or alien the setting is (despite what wikipedia says with their over-generalized definition). When defining high or low fantasy, you have to look at not only the world and the people, but how those people live in that world. A story is nothing without characters to drive it. Think, for a moment, about what made “The Princess Bride” so memorable.

So where does “Last Hope” fall within the spectrum and how do you make a character that will fit into this world? First, “Last Hope” is low fantasy. It is about a brutal and desperate struggle for survival. This isn’t the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, where there are a handful of people destined to carry all the burdens of mankind to defeat a great evil and trigger the dawning of a new age. Nor is it one of the Greek classics, with petty gods and unbelievable feats of legendary prowess on expansive battlefields. No, Last Hope is very different from those stories. Whereas the heroes in those tales are basically big fish in small ponds, slaughtering dozens of orcs without breaking a sweat, or regularly defeating mythical beasts with their bare hands, the characters in “Last Hope” are SMALL fish in a BIG pond. That may seem backwards in a figurative sense, when you compare how vast Middle Earth is compared to Mardrun, but remember, we are not talking about acreage. We are talking about how characters interact with their world.

The world of Middle Earth is a dangerous place, indeed. But the characters of the Fellowship are more than equipped to deal with it. If Legolas and Gimli are surrounded by twenty orcs and two trolls, we really don’t have to worry much about whether or not they will win, and instead immediately find ourselves questioning who will kill more of the bad guys and who will be buying drinks that night.

Last Hope is very different. If Raskolf, Sir William, and Captain Aradael are surrounded by half a dozen Mordok, the three veteran warriors very well may die. Yes, the three characters are all faction leaders, and yes, the players portraying them are good fighters, but two-to-one odds are never good in real life, and therefore they are not in Last Hope either. Welcome to low-fantasy. It is harsh.

So where does this come into play when creating your LH character? Well, as stated before, it is all about HOW your character interacts with the world around them. Sometimes, the more ordinary a character may seem, the more extraordinary it seems when they manage to do something heroic. The Humans and Syndar of Mardrun are just trying to survive on a strange new frontier, while the Ulven try to cope with the invasion of these strangers from across the sea and a bitter civil war in the face of political fall out.

Last Hope is not a world populated by ninja-like assassins raised from childhood by shadowy organizations. It is not a world of prodigy teenage magic-users. It is a world where a turnip farmer can become a soldier, and eventually a politician. It is a world where a curious scholar can become an explorer and cartographer.

Picture a world where a blood spattered and shoe-less child, pressed into milita service in desperate times, undergoes her rite of passage as her parent dies in her arms in the smoldering aftermath of a terrible and costly battle, fought with pitchforks, pick-axes and scythes, in ankle-deep snow against Mordok raiders. We missed the fight, apparently, so what happened?

The high fantasy version of that character went berserk and killed half the raiders herself. Cue Final Fantasy victory music, right? Now to go get revenge by slaying the goddess of the Mordok. Shouldn’t be a problem. This kid is probably some sort of “chosen one” or something anyway. Clearly, the gods have laid out a path for her to be their instrument. Better start walking. Just follow the railroad tracks.

The low fantasy version of that character is more interesting.

The low-fantasy version may have killed one or two Mordok in an act of panicked desperation, and now suffers emotional trauma from the experience of watching her friends get killed in battle. She will be haunted by her personal demons and post-traumatic-stress-disorder for the rest of her life. Maybe she’ll get a job working in a tavern. Maybe she’ll join the Army. Who knows. She is an ordinary person, coping with extraordinary circumstances, and her life is an open book.

That is the difference between low fantasy and high fantasy. Keep these things in mind when you are crafting your LARP character for Last Hope.

Many RPGs have two types of characters: NPCs who don’t matter, and Big Damn Heroes whom the world revolves around. Last Hope has neither. Last Hope just has people. Sometimes those people take up the sword to defend the village from monsters and maybe drag a wounded comrade to the healer. Sometimes they spend a morning sewing the sole back on their daughter’s boot with leather lacing.

Now, go forth and make gritty low-fantasy characters. Be one of those people.

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New Player FAQ

Joining any kind of event like a live action role play can be quite a daunting task. How do you play? What are events like? Who can I talk to? What can I do?

This is why we have created the New Player FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. We constantly make changes to this section and if you have an idea of how to make this section better, please let us know!