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Yawn Longfang

Played by: Wiley Allard (rasp1445@yahoo you can find me on facebook)

Name: Yawn Longfang

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Ulven

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Occupation: Longfang Warrior

Known Skills: Shieldman. Has a preference for maces.

Birthplace: Longfang Village.

Appearance: Yawn stand five ten, two hundred and fifty pounds. Strong looking arms, thick skinned, and broad in the shoulders. His hair tends to be tussled, a bit of curl in from his mother side of the family. His complexion is usual reddish about the arms and face, long hours in the sun keeping watch. His dress is mostly simple, black with a splash of green, usual over his sword arm. Marking the sword arm in his family is said to bring luck in combat.

Notable Traits: Miniscule scar running from his left eye lid to just over the tear duct. Miniscule scar above the bridge of his nose. Thickened and slight discolored knuckles. Has not yet come into his fangs or eyes.

Bio: Yawn trails began differently then his peers. At the start, when the young choose there names and celebrate, Yawn was drinking in the long house, and smoking, when three of his peers started ribbing him for his “late blooming” his lack of the eyes and fangs. Yawn held his temper. As the night wore on they became so drunk as to forget Yawns presence, or perhaps drunk enough not to care and began questioning if an Ulven had in fact fathered Yawn. Yawn brawled with the three. It was short, violent and left the other three sprawled on the ground, and Yawn very bloodied himself. Realized his mistake in not having challenged one or all them Yawn sat, refilled his pipe and cup, and await the guard and punishment. When the guard reached him, something Yawn never expected happened. Harlok interceded with the guards on his behalf. The next day he appeared before the Priestess, and punishment was handed down. He was to begin his trails as the lowest of the low at the out post under Rill.

1st Event: Of Watcher and Wolves
Five days went by on his penance. Gathering herbs, water, wood, setting fires, checking traps, cooking, digging latrines, filling them in, setting the lamps. Everything and anything needed. Then all hell broke lose on the fifth night. One minute he settling the business of a new latrine, the next Gunther running for the Outpost blowing the horn and Mordok teeming from the swamp behind him. The fight was long and costly. But in the end Rill rallied her men, Yawn was to remain with Stanrick and Rill to guard the outpost. No reinforcements, they were to act as the early scouts should the Mordok try again they were to fight, sound the alarm and make with all speed for the Village. On the Sixth day Rill sent yawn out to confront a column of Humans and Syndar. Among them step Kragen Bloodriver, allies, come hunting a Shaman who fled into the black of the Dirge Swamp. The Outpost may yet hold.
That night Yawn and Stanrick set out to report to village of the goings on. They found the Mordok thick in the pines and fled to the outpost for the Bastards and the aid of Kragen. Not once by twice Yawn, Fenris, and Fredrick ventured in, first to stop the drums, the second time pull a downed man from the pines. Fredrick patched him up while the group and Magrat held the pine road. The pair set out again early in the morning, bringing the news to the Priestess and set back. Upon the return the learned a group that hand appeared along with the Bastards had tried to take the Outpost and been struck down by the Bastards and Kragen. And to top it off the Greytide had been stirring up trouble in Longfang Territory. Yawn and Stanrick had brought a wander in from the swamp, and he attacked the Green One. Magrat lay choking out the poison, Yawn and Stanrick set out armed to the teeth and gave chase after the Syndar they’d taken in with Rill only order being that he die only after he’d given answer for his attack in Longfang territories, against one under there protection. They never did catch the Syndar, but ran head long in to a pack of Mordok headed straight for the Village. As the fight raged on They realized the pack they’d run into was only the tip of the horde, and gave retreat fighting and falling back for the Village. The pair managed to reach the Village ahead of the main force (or main lump of bodies) losing nearly every bit of weaponry they’d carried (either broken, out of arrows, or in the case of the hewing spear stuck through a Mordoks skull too deep to retrieve with out being over run) save for maces and shields. After the village held it own, the pair struck out for the outpost. In there absence the Shaman had appeared, and made for the village. Had the Bastards lot not given chase the village would not of held. The Village held, the Outpost was kept. Andy Yawn found himself with a bit of respectablity despite his lack of eyes and fangs. After all eyes and fangs do not a warrior make.

Relationships: Younger half brother (they share the same mother) to Stanrick Longfang. Friend of Kragen Bloodriver. Friend and some times underling to Rill Longfang, and along side her, Magrat (whose he’s become fast friends with) and Stanrick trained with Harlok over the winter.

Rumors: Yawn is on friendly terms with Magrat and has spent much time smoking and talking with the Syndar.
“I heard he hasn’t gotten his fangs yet, because his father wasn’t even an ulven….”

Has an issue with trying to out do his big brother, with fighting, the ladies, everything…

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