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Rhodi Vakr

Played by: Erich
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Ulven Warrior, Blacksmith
Known Skills: Battle Hammer, Archer, Blacksmithing, Brewing
Tribe: The Watchwolves of Luna
Pack: The Silverhowl Pack
Rumors: Can out drink anyone in the Silverhowl Pack.

Bio: Rhodi is a Veteran Warrior who nearly had his career ended following a spinal injury from getting stabbed in the back. His injuries were sustained during the same battle in which Anjan Ravensmark received her head injury.

Unable to take an active role in combat, Rhodi put his energy into refining his blacksmithing skills. (mostly because he does not have any of his Fathers skill with farming)
Rhodi is also philosophical at times and mischievous at others.

After Rhodis spinal injury, he became a heavy drinker. Some say he would rather challenge someone to A drinking contest than a duel.
His drinking habits have led him to become an accomplished brewer. His mischievous side has led him to making unusual styles of mead, yet still makes traditional lagers and spice wines.

Not having any children of his own, Rhodi has taken to raising rabbits (much to the delight of Raskolfs daughter Elise). Knowing full well they make tasty soup and warm clothing, he sees an individual personality in each rabbit. Perhaps its the mischievousness of both creatures that allows them to get along so well.

Rhodi is respected for both his martial skills and his wisdom, and delights in teaching Ulven children.

Relationships: Twin Brother of Raskolf Vakr. Their births were seen by the Priestesses as a powerful portent. The Ulven almost never have multiple births.
Rhodi Vakr and Ylsa Stormherald are lovers.

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