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Raskolf Vakr

RaskulfR Found in Old Swedish as Raskolf. The first element Rask- is from the OW.Norse adjective röskr “mature in age; quick, doughty.” For the second element -ólfr see above. Occurs in the accusative case form raskulf in the inscription U1155: “Hrólfr and raised the stone in memory of Raskulfr. May God help his spirit.” FJ p. 351 s.n.-ulfr; CV p. 668 s.v. úlfr; NR s.nn.RaskulfR, Rask-, -ulfR
Vakr This name appears in Hrana saga hrings and is also used as one of the by-names of the god Óðinn in Gylfaginning, where it means “the watchful; the vigilant.” GB p. 15 s.n.Vakr

Played by: Lima Zulu
Name: Raskolf Vakr
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Occupation: Warder, Disgraced Former Military Officer
Relationships: Warder/Mate of Priestess Anjan Ravensmark, Father of Elise Vakr-Ravensmark, Brother of Rhodi Vakr
Tribe: The Watchwolves of Luna
Pack: The Silverhowl Pack
Rumors: Mostly true

Raskolf Vakr (The wolf who is spirited, quick, and vigilant)

Raskolf awoke before the sun was up. He stepped outside and watched the Dawn Patrol undergoing their final inspection. Raskolf nursed the campfire back to life with the wood his daughter had gathered the previous day, and sat down with his pipe. As the fire was slowly revived, the pink and golden hues of the rising sun began to creep across the autumn landscape, warming the blue shadows of night. Raskolf rose to his feet to salute the Dawn Patrol as they passed. He remained standing after they were gone, squinting in the early light. It was nearing the anniversary of the battle that changed their lives.

Anjan Ravensmark used to like sunrises too.

They were both warriors, once upon a time. Raskolf remembered well the last sunrise that Anjan ever saw. It was bloody, and red. The clouds were yellow. Raskolf was the inspecting Packleader that day, and he had selected the route they were to take that morning. It was his fault that they were ambushed. He should have taken the patrol back to the village when the tracks were discovered, but he decided to do some further scouting first. Breka, Norri, and Hranbjorn were killed in the initial ambush. Grolf lost both his legs. Anjan received a severe head injury. The entire patrol would have been lost were it not for her. She fought like a rabid animal, striking so hard that she broke her weapon on an opponent. She killed six more with just the hilt and her fists. Anjan headbutted the Mordok Chieftain so hard, that her helmet became embedded in his face and slipped off of her head. She suffered many wounds, but only went down after getting a mace buried in her skull. The patrol managed to fend off the attackers just long enough for the village to respond to their call for help.

Raskolf smoked his pipe and watched the last member of the patrol disappear into the trees. Raskolf didn’t lead patrols anymore. His job was to guard the Priestess. He followed her by day, and slept with her at night. She was the mother of his daughter. The job he had been given was the most honorable position a warrior could hope for, but it was also his penance. He loved her, but he couldn’t forgive himself for what had happened to her. It had been 9 years. She permanently lost her sight when she took that mace to the head, and in the fevered nightmares of her recovery, the Goddess spoke to her. Anjan had become a Priestess, and Raskolf was her Warder.

Raskolf was born to an Ulven warrior and a poor turnip farmer from the White Howler Pack. From a young age, his mother taught him the use of the sword, and his father taught him the secrets of agriculture. He tried real hard not to learn anything from his father. After joining the Warrior Caste at a young age and quickly rising through the ranks, he found himself commanding troops in a winter campaign against the Mordok. It was at this point that he really started to take an interest in turnip farming.

Raskolf had a natural talent for leading troops. He was well liked by his fellow warriors, and people looked up to him. His unit was very successful on their campaigns against the Mordok, and developed a reputation among both friend and foe. After years together on the battlefield, the Tundra Wolves were an elite unit, comprised of veteran warriors from all across the Ulven nation.

Raskolf had a successful career as a Soldier until a large patrol under his command was nearly wiped out in an ambush. The hand-picked patrol was comprised of Raskolf’s best friends and most trusted comrades. They found sign that indicated a very large number of Mordok in the area. Raskolf should have turned his patrol around and sent runners ahead to warn the village, but he wanted to get more information for his report first. He was overconfident, and felt that his troops could handle a numerically superior foe in the event that they made contact. Refusing the advice of his most trusted colleagues, he led them right into an ambush. The Mordok attack was overwhelming. Most of his troops died in the first minute. When the charge came, the Tundra Wolves were outnumbered ten to one. The Soldiers who were killed were all elite veterans, including some high ranking officials. Raskolf lost his command over the incident. Many of the warriors killed in the ambush were not only veterans, but heroes, or the sons and daughters of prominent Ulven leaders. Raskolf lost everything he had paying the blood debts to their families. When he had run out of wealth and possessions, he found himself indentured to one of the survivors who had been maimed in the attack.

He is now the Warder of Anjan Ravensmark, an Ulven High Priestess. There are some who say he doesn’t deserve the position, as it is normally one of honor. Recently, he has been entrusted with the title of “Voice of the Watchwolves”, and has been sent to the colonies to serve as the Ambassador of the Watchwolf Clan. He was integral in the drafting of the Watchwolf Resolution, which demanded that the colonists pay certain respects to the Ulven lands and the Ulven Gods if they were to live there. Despite the initial positive response of the Human and Syndar settlers to comply with the resolution and begin burning, rather than burying their dead, Clan Grimward have declared war on the colonists, and the Watchwolves have been dragged into the civil war they tried to prevent. Raskolf was present at the disastrous Greytide Peace Summit, where the Clans turned on each other and Human diplomats from the New Hope colony were murdered by their hosts. He was also present at Daven’s Reach when the Undead were first discovered to have migrated to Mardrun. Raskolf strongly believes that an alliance between the three races of Ulven, Human, and Syndar is the last hope that his people have of surviving the invasion of hungry ghosts and avoiding the apocalyptic prophetic dreams of his Priestess.

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