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The Silverhowl Pack

The Silverhowl pack is a Watchwolf pack that has traveled south to the new colony of Humans and Syndar, based on the wind portents read by Anjan Ravensmark, one of their Priestesses. The Silverhowl pack is the first Watchwolf pack to have any significant contact with the colonists. Their report will likely influence the political actions of the elder Watchwolves.

The Silverhowl pack believes themselves to be descended from Howl Silvermane (see Howl’s Homecoming), a legendary Watchwolf hero noted for his incredible size and toughness.

Current Membership:
Ylsa Stormherald – Rogue
Raskolf Vakr – Warrior/Warder
Anjan Ravensmark – Priestess
Elise Vakr-Ravensmark – Warrior
Rhodi Vakr – Warrior

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