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The Tribe of the Jaguar

The Tribe of the Jaguar is unique. Located near the Syndar nations on Faedrun, they always chafed at their brethren’s attitude. When the first boats returned from Mardrun, the Shaman of the Jaguar Tribe offered to explore the continent for the Syndar nation. The Celestine, happy to get rid of the Io’Larian while not risking their own people, agreed. The Tribe of the Jaguar packed up wholesale and left on the very next ships to Mardrun, being amongst the first colonists to come over.

This also meant that the Tribe of the Jaguar was also one of the first colonists to encounter the Ulven, and were very involved in the Ulven-Colonist war. This took a toll on the Tribe, but it had the numbers to absorb the losses. After the peace in the Ulven-Colonist war, the Tribe of the Jaguar made their home in central Nightriver territory in the woods. Branthur Nightriver did not mind as the woods were sparsely populated, and the Tribe of the Jaguar was similar enough to Ulven to not cause trouble. The Tribe Shaman does report to Branthur and the Tribe pay some tithe, but neither side finds this disagreeable. The Tribe is otherwise left alone.

The Tribe is known for its size amongst the Io’Larian Syndar on Mardrun. Being able to carry their entire population over to Mardrun held considerable advantages, even with the losses in the Ulven-Colonist War. The Tribe is also known for its warriors, a unique facet among the Syndar. They wear garb of hides and leathers along with animal bones and trinkets. However, the Jaguars also paint their faces in green, yellow, and black, with a blue stripe across their eyes. This makes them a terrible visage to those who had never before seen them.

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The Shattered Tribes

The Shattered Tribes are a collection of the remnants of the many Tribes on Faedrun. Due to their often isolated nature, many of the Io’Larian Syndar Tribes were not as well protected or aware of the Fall, and were caught off guard by the wave of Undead and Penitent. A great deal of tribes were annihilated with only a scattered few surviving. Even fewer made their way over to Mardrun. However, these Tribes have banded together over the shared hardship and for many due to the disdain shown to them by their Serous and Celestine brethren.

Together these members of The Shattered Tribes have carved out a living in an area between Nightriver and Newhope territories and The Great Wolf’s Hackles. Many members have found a kindred with the Nightriver Ulven and have established a strong friendship and trade network with the Colonists and Ulven that travel the roads nearby.

The Shattered Tribe is not necessarily a governing body; it is a network of Io’Larian Syndar attempting to live their lives and regrow in the face of tragedy. They may bicker amongst each other, but they support each other as well. Through their close proximity many of the disparate cultures have begun to blend and pick up elements and customs from one another ending with many people of many different cultures who also take part in one shared Shattered Culture.

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September 2021 – Order in the Dirge (+Dirge Swamp Lore Drop)

After the combined efforts of many different researchers, scholars, and adventurers last year at the research luncheon, things look promising for Celestial Arragones and her team. With a focus initially on divination methods that shifted towards deciphering research logs and revealing their mysteries, the focus shifts yet again towards a larger application. The research team worked together with others to try to decide which direction to go in their grand ritual. It was decided that creating and focusing the ritual efforts on corruption magic and its unique properties would be the goal. After a very large and tense ritual, its successful completion allowed the research team to learn even more about corruption.

An opportunity presented to the researchers came from the March of Starkhaven, or more specifically, the Order of Arnath. Within the Church’s possession is a small Hellenstone; a precious and rare gem that reacts in unique ways to different types of mana. These fabled items were sought after on Faedrun by Vandregonian and Grand Alliance Generals because of their ability to fight against or cleanse the properties of dark magic powering the undead. Order Scholars have studied the properties of the Hellenstone for quite some time and exhausted some of their abilities. What they have learned, however, is that through unique scrying methods they have determined that there is another Hellenstone on Mardrun. The location they are confident they have divined is in the center of the Dirge Swamp.

Celestial Arragones and her research team have decided to work together with the Order of Arnath and send an expedition into the heart of the Dirge. This expedition has two main goals; find this Hellenstone and recover it and search for clues as to why there is one in the center of the swamp. This could be a unique opportunity to uncover even more mysteries and potentially gain a potent anti-corruption weapon in the future. However, time is of the essence… the longer an expedition stays in the swamp, the greater the chance of discovery by a large mordok group. With luck, the expedition will slip past larger mordok groups or repel smaller roaming mordok that discover them during the journey. Finding this location and conducting research in the limited window of time before needing to return to a safe pathway out of the swamp will be crucial to the success of the expedition.

Last month, a successful food contract between the City-State of Newhope and Clan Goldenfield has prepared the expedition with considerable food supplies which are sure to benefit their chances of success. After a long delay, the research team leaders are finally moving forward with the expedition and begin gathering volunteers for this dangerous mission.



When the party arrived at the forward camp they were made aware of some strange corruptive forces in the area that were making people sick. Luckily a ritual had been developed to sanctify a space against the corruption, though it had to be recharged every hour and only covered the small area of the camp. Once the camp was secure the research teams set out to run scrying rituals on the area to gather as much information as they could about the assumed origin of the corruption as well as pin down the location of the suspected Hellenstone.

Unfortunately for the party, corruption was not the only thing lurking in the heart of the Dirge; small bands of Mordok were found to be patrolling the area. A few made their way toward the camp and seemed to gesture at the expeditionary forces to turn back, but by and large they did not attack the camp itself. The research teams and their guards that ventured out of the camp were not so lucky. As the day progressed and the teams pushed further into the swamp the fighting became more brutal. Whereas earlier in the day the Mordok seemed willing to pull back as the fights turned against them, by the end they showed no such desire to retreat. Several members of the expeditionary team met their fate at the end of sword and arcane magic and those that survived largely did not escape unscathed. To make matters worse a new type of Mordok Shaman made an appearance wielding magic before unseen. As people lay dying on the ground this Mordok could be seen weaving the threads of corruption into their body. In the end however the allied forces were able to eke out a pyrrhic victory. With the Mordok soundly beaten back the researchers were able to complete the last of their scrying and locate the Hellenstone, one larger than anyone could have imagined. Unfortunately the strange Shaman escaped the battle and there is no doubt the likes of them will be seen again.

Back in the camp many people reported having frightening and emotional visions while deep in meditation. Rumors have started to swirl about these visions as well as the information gathered by the scrying rituals. Only time will tell if they come forward with any new and valuable information.

When victory was achieved the camp quickly began to break down and move back out of the swamp. As the reserve camp broke down, unbeknownst to anyone, an Order researcher started to get additional anomalous Hellenstone readings. At the time he wrote them off as being artefacts in the readings from the proximity to the larger stone, but as the party moved south he became more and more certain that there must be even more Hellenstones buried in the center of the swamp whose existence had been masked by the larger stone itself.

In the end the expedition was able to safely exit The Dirge Swamp without being further harassed by Mordok thanks to the concerted efforts by many individuals and organizations and to top it off the presence of many dedicated clerics meant that the ambient corruption was able to be purged from the expeditionary forces bodies during the return trip. There should be no doubt that the dedicated level of support given to this expedition played a crucial role in it’s ability to return home with the Hellenstone and the new arcane readings.


Ever since the recent expedition returned from the swamp rumors have been starting to circulate throughout the continent regarding what was uncovered. Unfortunately there have been no official statements from Arragones, but that has just served to further the spread of the rumors. Some people are even saying that Arragones’ people are trying to cover up the findings.

All collected together the rumors tell of people having visions in the swamp while meditating as well as ancient recording devices sharing information through various scrying rituals. Stories run rampant about echoes of incredible magical power and of visions of being encased in a crystalline structure while being taunted by Syndar in strange clothes. People trade rumors of seeing visions of beings that displayed the most idealized traits of both Syndar and Ulven, appearing as well-built Syndar at first, but seen casting Witch Magic and smiling with fanged teeth.

More rumors spread of visions of the being encased in crystal breaking containment and the frantic work of the surrounding Syndar to seal the cracks before she broke free, but they were unable to do so. The being broke free from the containment with such incredible power that the trees in the area were nearly blown over. Multiple rumors tell of people hearing her voice during the scrying ritual speak. The exact wording changes depending on who tells the story, but they all share a few details. She called out the Syndar for their hubris in thinking they could contain her and told them that she would do something to them worse than hollowing and then she would make sure that neither she, they, nor their ‘favoured children’ would ever forget what happened there that day and the lesson she would teach.

The last of the visions seemed to come from the point of view of one of these strange fanged Syndar as they watched one by one as their friends around them fell to their knees screaming before the same fate befell them. The rumors speak of being in incredible pain and surrounded by nothing but darkness until a pinhole of light broke through and carried with it a soothing voice that told them, “Don’t worry child. Mother is here and she’ll take the pain away.”

Beyond all the talk of visions and scrying rituals many different people talk about how the area itself seemed to have been the site of a great deal of industry. Trees were cut and removed and all signs pointed to them having been dragged north. Keen eyes found broken ropes and Mordok clothing along these northward tracks.



After these rumors and stories spread for a while a proclamation is released from the offices of Celestial Arragones.

“To the people of Mardrun,

It has come to the attention of This One that some rumors have been spreading regarding strange visions and scrying readings in The Swamp. These rumors should be considered unfounded and untrue as no official information has yet been released to the public. The researchers are unaware of who began to spread these erroneous rumors, but worry not as This One has begun a concerted effort the source of these falsities. 

Official information releases will come in the following weeks. Patience is a virtue, but comes with greater rewards than the spread of incorrect information.

-From The Desk of Her Grace, Celestial Arragones, Duchess of Newhope; dictated not read.”

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United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun

The History of The United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun:

In the winter of 269, an eclectic group of individuals formed the charter for what would become the United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun.  Those early leaders were brought together by a A teal and black shield shaped crest with four quadrants showing various symbols such as a scale, etccommon desire for an open and free society founded on the ideals of a republic.  Though small and mainly backed by the capital provided by the prominent merchant, Marrah Faile, the plucky rag-tag group was able to secure lands in the province of Aylin’s Reach.  Naming their central town Fristad, in honor of the land’s original Ulven owners and to celebrate their hopes for its future, the settlement busied itself with strengthening and growing their populace.  A town council was eventually formed with elected leaders from each of the settlement’s core constituent groups.


While trade and the economy have always been central to UCUM’s history, the areas of healing, politics, and magic soon grew to play important roles in the community.  In response to this flowering of aptitudes, an official UCUM crest was commissioned and certified.  On the teal-and-black shield symbols of trade, healing, politics, and magic are quartered and placed in equal locations representing their prominent roles in defining the culture of UCUM.  In time, the beautiful and symbolic peacock was also adopted as an unofficial symbol for the group.


Our Mission Statement:

Amongst the peoples of this world,

there are those who believe themselves superior.

That their way is the right way,

the only way.

They hold themselves above others

through their race, class, creed or appearance.

They push those who are different down.


Down into the mud of subjugation.


We were once those subjugated people.

We were the lonely,

the broken,

and the disenfranchised.

Until we learned to stand together for something greater.


To stand for each other.


Through our diversity, we gain wisdom and insight.

Through our individuality, unique and abundant ideas flow.

Together, we possess the strength, wisdom, and beauty of all Mardrun.

Together, we prove that all of her people can live in peace.

Together, we strive to make this land united.

Because united, we are greater.


We are the United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun. (UCUM)

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Resource Usage Submission Form

    First, check to make sure your Resources skills are active by clicking the link below:

    Next, is to make sure that you fill out this submission form for EACH PC that is using resources.

    A PC may have as many Resource skills as they are able to take, but are limited to using a maximum of 3 per month.
    There is only so much time and you can only have so much influence.
    Since each PC may use up to three resource skills in 3 different/same areas, we would like you to detail each skill below.

    Resource Skill #1:
    Please state what your first Resource skill usage is and how you would like to use it. Please be thorough; are you hoping to use Lore skills in this effort, are you willing to spend coin during to help, or do you have any Clout you could add-on (and how did you earn it).

    Is this Resource using being used to influence this month's event?

    Resource Skill #2:
    IF APPLICABLE: Please state what your second Resource skill usage is and how you would like to use it. Please be thorough; are you hoping to use Lore skills in this effort, are you willing to spend coin during to help, or do you have any Clout you could add-on (and how did you earn it).
    *NOTE: If this 2nd Resource skill is being rolled into another Resource skill usage to make it more powerful/impactful, please simply note that in the text field below.

    Is this Resource using being used to influence this month's event?

    Resource Skill #3:
    IF APPLICABLE: Please state what your first Resource skill usage is and how you would like to use it. Please be thorough; are you hoping to use Lore skills in this effort, are you willing to spend coin during to help, or do you have any Clout you could add-on (and how did you earn it).
    *NOTE: If this 2nd Resource skill is being rolled into another Resource skill usage to make it more powerful/impactful, please simply note that in the text field below.

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    June 270

    The summer is in full swing, the land is covered in not only greenery, but vibrant whites, yellows, purples, and many more colours as flowers take over land. Life can be seen all around and with it the hustle and bustle of the populations of Mardrun.


    To the north with Pack Riverhead, many people speak of what was an overwhelming force of arms sweeping through their ancestral home. Forces from Pack Riverhead, Clan Shattered Spear, Clan Ironmound, as well as assistance from a few smaller groups pressed through the lands with purpose. There were few encounters that turned to outright combat, but those that did occur ended with reports of severe losses on the bandits side. With this success, many are wondering how Pack Riverhead plans to hold all the re-acquired land. Some feel Clan Shattered Spear will use the opportunity to spread out more and build. Others are unsure if that is even possible. Whatever the outcome, many are curious to see what will happen next in the heart of Mardrun.


    The highways of the Clan Goldenfield and Clan Nightriver are seeing a rise in bandit activity this month. Leadership within both clans believe this is due to Pack Riverheads reclaiming its ancestral territories. Clan Nightriver is already working on keeping the tides of these bandits held back, by whatever means seem fit. Clan Goldenfield is having less luck with the bandit incursions into their lands, however many people seem to be of the mindset that Clan Nightriver may send some martial aid to assist their long standing ally.


    With the expedition to the north to find the ghost ship finally completed and the crew returned, rumors fly around the port and quickly spread inland of a fantastical adventure. Tales speak of gem encrusted treasure and chests of Vandregonian silver that were scavenged from the depths of the ship. Another tale tells of being lost at sea in a blanket of fog while being attacked by sea serpents. There was even a tale of a group of unknown monsters in the outlands that sounded otherworldly and hunted them throughout the nights. Tales aside, the venture seemed to be fruitful and provide some information as to the origin of the mysterious ship from Faedrun and many are waiting for the news to become public.


    To the East in Aylin’s Reach, there was a large and seemingly spontaneous festival. Many within the colony drank, enjoyed games of various challenges, watched or participated in performance duels in the streets. Throughout the days and into the nights the sounds of bards singing and performing at almost every corner in the city delighted most of the citizens. While Prince Aylin didn’t appear, many of his court did socialize and enjoy some of the festivities themselves. A small group of lesser nobles even found themselves getting in on a song with a bard troupe at a street corner. While the festival ended, many were glad to enjoy the break from the tedium and let loose to enjoy life without much worry for at least a few days, though they never really found out why the festival was called in the first place. Taverns throughout the city were soon filled with rumors that Aylin must be planning something big soon. Some seem to believe he’s gearing up to finally take the Aldorian Crown.

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    The Yabantu Triumverate

    The Yabantu Triumvirate is a decently-sized, primarily human country located on Faedrun. They value their natural resources and masterwork crafts above all else. They do not hold an invading army, but instead rely on a well-trained and even more well-equipped force of border defenders. The Yabantu’s main focus is on diplomatic and economic ties with their neighbors, primarily Vandregon and Aldoria. Their land holds very fine deposits of iron and precious metals that they will either barter with or craft into exquisite goods, armors, and weapons. Even the Syndar Kingdoms have come to know the supreme beauty of Yabantu steelcrafts.

    Location: Southern section of Faedrun. North and West borders shared with Vandregon. East Border shared with Aldoria. The Yabantu lands at one point reached north to the May’kar Desert, but many of those lands were lost to a Ritchcrag Invasion. This invasion was pushed back to traditional Richtcrag lands once it came in contact with Vandregonian borders, but Vandgregon maintained ownership of the lands, claiming that if they hadn’t battled back the Cul’Claimete then they would have moved south and continued aggressions upon The Yabantu anyway. The Yabantu agreed to this relatively small annexation with the stipulation that their people be allowed to cross that border unimpeded and trade in the area without paying Vandregonian taxes. This strip of land connecting Vandregon and New Aldoria quickly became a bustling hub of trade and in the aftermath of the Cul’Claimete campaign. The Yabantu began to invest in their defending army.

    Governing Structure: Unlike their neighbors the Yabuntu do not have a king. Instead they are ruled by a Triumvirate made up of individuals with each selected to represent one of the three main national interests. Through this the people can always be sure that the most important and sacred aspects of their culture are given adequate thought when decisions are made. Those cultural aspects are: The Spirits, The Crafts, and The People.

    Religion – The Spirits:
    The Yabantu are an animistic people. They believe that everything, from rocks and rivers to birds and people, hold an inherent spirit and consciousness. This belief is the center of their religion and has a direct influence on the way they interact with the world around them. With inherent spirit comes inherent worth and a belief that everything exists within its own right regardless of how it can be useful to people. This belief gives rise to a respect for the natural world and a desire to show gratitude to the spirit of any material worked with or any animal or plant killed for consumption. Counter to many human cultures that perceive their consciousness as existing within their head, behind their eyes, The Yabantu perceive their spirit and consciousness as stemming from their stomach. In this way the act of ingesting other creatures and plants is seen as a merging of spirit and in this way both the spirit and the body are nourished.

    All things are seen as having an individual spirit, but related things are seen as having aspects of their spirit that are similar. For example, all lavender plants are individuals, but all of them share the name and essence of being lavender and thus share certain physical and spiritual traits. This gives rise to a culture of working with natural spirits in an attempt at reaching a balance. This is commonly seen in Yabantu people carrying sachets that they fill with various herbs and stones that are believed to work well with each other to promote certain outcomes and situations in life. For example, a person looking for love would carry a certain blend of herbs and stones in their sachet that will help promote finding love. Someone looking to draw abundance to them would fill their sachet with a different blend of herbs and stones. The individual herbs and stones in a person’s sachet would be carefully selected and meditated with to be sure that they carry an amenable spirit that is well attuned to the desired outcome.

    Additionally dyes and cloth are selected and processed into clothing based on the spirits of the constituent parts. Wearing certain colors can be seen as an outward expression of what a person views as significant. Example: If someone wears silk robe dyed with indigo they would be expressing that they value the elements that are commonly seen in the spirits of indigo and silks.

    This religious belief in inherent spirits is incredibly prevalent in the main driving force of The Yabantu industry; The Crafts

    Industry and Livelihoods – The Crafts
    One of the greatest positions a Yabantu can strive for is that of a Craftsperson. The Yabantu have the benefit of high quality resources, this fact serves to galvanize their belief in the spirits of materials as they believe their respect for these spirits is what causes them to be of higher quality than those found elsewhere.

    The Act of Crafting is seen as both a material as well as religious spiritual pursuit. To take a material and make it into something more is to elevate its physical form. In working with the spirit of the material it is also elevated in its form. Great care is taken by Yabuntu Craftspeople to make sure the spirits of their materials are well cared for and respected during their transition into a new item. It is believed that through this process of ritualistic crafting the spirit of a finished product is closely attuned to it’s new identity and purpose making it significantly more effective in it’s new state.

    The aesthetic choices of a Yabantu person are wide and varied as the clothes they wear speak to the spiritual elements that they choose to elevate. That being said there are some form choices that are common in various regions and nearly every region tends toward bright, full colors. In some regions it is common to see people dressed in loose flowing robes or dresses of light material. In other areas people wear things more akin to tunics with wrapped skirts. Some areas people choose to leave their chests fully or partially exposed. Across the country it is common to see people with brightly patterned shawls draped over one or both shoulders. Nearly every person wears an ornately decorated grigri bag filled with their chosen herbs and minerals.

    Any person would be able to tell you the plants or minerals that went into the creation of each piece of clothing and there is a high expectation that clothing is well cared for and repaired immediately upon being damaged in anyway.

    The Undead – The Fall
    The Yabuntu were slightly insulated from the rise of the Undead to the north given the buffer that Vandregon placed between them and the rest of the continent. Given their lack of a full military The Yabuntu were not in a place to devote large fighting units to the cause and were well aware that should their allies around them fall that they would likely not last themselves, but they were in a unique position to churn out high quality weapons and armor to aid their neighbors. Unfortunately there came a time where the May’Kar turned on their living allies and began to focus their efforts on attacking the narrow strip of land that separated the Yabuntu from the May’kar desert. Though the Vandregonian army was eventually successful against The May’kar, the people of the Yabuntu Triumverate were quick to see the writing on the walls and many began an exodus, moving to the east and west away from the front and their non-militant home into the hearts of Aldoria and Vandregon. The staunch border defenders, now without a border to defend, joined the Army of The Grand Alliance. The artisans who made their way to Aldoria joined in the construction of ships and with their expertise were found to be invaluable in the construction of hearty sails and riggings.


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    July 2021 – Virtual Event Era Total Summary (In Progress)

    April – June 2020

    Calls spread across Mardrun to request aid from any willing warriors and supporters to come to the string of outposts that make up the famous Shield of Mardrun. People of all stripes flocked to the north to lend their weapons and expertise to the call, but none were truly ready for what was in store. The Mordok came south with surprising and unusual levels of organization and unit tactics. Though they still fought with reckless bloodlust, they also moved almost as rehearsed units. There was a strong feeling that there was a tactical mind behind their attacks.

    Fortunately the warriors and supporters on the shield were well equipped to handle the onslaught. Parties were sent out to guard the spaces between the outposts and for the most part the Mordok were held at bay, but there were a few weak points in the line that were exposed and capitalized upon. A few bands of Mordok were able to spill past the lines and make their way into the inhabited lands south of the shield. Some villages were razed, but before long a retinue of warriors caught up to the interlopers and cut them down in their path. Most of The Mordok died, but a great deal of them escaped and slipped away, remaining south of The Shield. In the end the Mordok forces were soundly beaten back or defeated.

    The next month saw the Mordok threat wane. They did not return for any additional large scale assaults. In this time of relative peace the wounded and battered warriors were welcomed to a Whiteoak Village that had been saved from the onslaught and wished to repay the fighters. The small village of Ti’Volar opened it’s town center to all. Warriors saw to their wounds and equipment while merchants and tradespeople had plenty of opportunity to practice their crafts and earn coin. Throughout the town one could hear the loud boasting of warriors telling tales of their daring fight against the Mordok.

    In June calls went out from The Shield for skilled craftspeople to aid in reconstruction and fortification of some of the outposts that were damaged in the April attacks. A great deal of support spilled north from the other parts of the continent and a great deal of work was able to be done. In the meantime a number of hunting parties were put together to hunt down any Mordok that still remained south of the shield. Through cunning tracking and determination the warriors were able to track down all of the interloping Mordok, though they did so at great cost to themselves. Some warriors fell in these frantic skirmishes and many more came back bearing wounds that would scar them for life.

    July 2020

    As the colonial lands of Mardrun mulled the prospects of hosting the annual market faire they were undercut by an announcement from the heralds of Aylin’s Reach. Prince Aylin himself had declared that the annual faire would be held in his city. People poured in from all over Mardrun to hock wares and spend their coin. A large gambling house was set front and center at the faire and a great deal of coin found itself changing hands under the whims of fortune.

    All things considered it seemed as though it would be a wonderful, if not wholly average, Market Faire, but anyone who thought as much had clearly never interacted with The Prince. People flocked to the temporary seating and bleachers around the combat arena to watch the warriors of Mardrun battled for glory. Before the fights could commence though a surprise appearance shook the audience. Two men on large, armored horses burst into the arena. The colonists in the audience immediately burst in to cheers while the Ulven sat back in confused apprehension. What followed was a spectacle that only Aylin with his unique stable of horses would be able to furnish; a true and proper Faedrun joust. By the end most of the Ulven had come around. Though they still questioned the mentality that would put a person atop a horse in the first place, no one could question the skill and mastery with which the riders controlled their steeds. Talk of Aylin’s joust overtook all other conversations for the rest of the fair.


    August – October 2020

    Back in January a deadly earthquake shook the lands of Clan Ironmound and though some allies, most notably The Broken Blade Company, had come to their aid to help reconstruct the damaged villages and reopen the collapsed mines, it wasn’t until August that the continent at large took notice. This new interest may have also been spurred by the discovery of a what was assumed to be another Lorespeaker Cache. Regardless a great deal of support spilled into the Clan’s lands to help rebuild their damaged homes. A group of people attempted to secure the rights to see the cache, but were rebuked as the area’s leaders cared more about rebuilding their homes.

    The support continued through the next two months in a manner that far exceeded any expectations. In an outpouring of altruism the people of Mardrun came together and helped to rebuild the homes and mines of Clan Ironmound. Throughout the month of September a large bandit presence started to pick at supply lines moving into Ironmound through the Great Wolf’s Hackles and a team of warriors came together. The divvied up their roles and one group stayed behind to defend against additional bandit attacks while another took the fight into the heart of the wild lands to try to crush the bandits at their camps. In the end the defenders were hit hard by an ambush, but the assault team managed to cut down or rout a great deal of bandits. The rest of the time spend on the reconstruction efforts were quiet.

    In the end the work was completed far faster than anyone had expected and the Chieftains of the area called for a respite and a time of great feasting and thanks. The battered warriors took time to recover from the assaults and people spent their time around fires exchanging stories and rumors. In thanks for the work done the chieftains agreed to lead the interested parties to the location of the Lorespeaker Cache. The travel was largely uneventful, though there were occasional scuffles with unknown assailants who wished to see the contents of the cache remain buried, but they proved to be no true hurdle. In the end the cache was uncovered and it’s contents translated and copied. An Ulven from Clan Nightriver returned to his clan’s territory and met with Clan Leader Branthur Nightriver to share the findings and request that they be copied and spread across the continent. They can be read here: Lore Cache Contents; October 269


    December – February 2020/21
    As winter gripped Mardrun a few interesting calls to action began to roll over the landscape. Reports came from The Shield that the Mordok may be prepping for another assault and in return many warriors and supporters again traveled north to bolster the defending outposts. In the more central Ulven clans rumors began to spread of a traveling preacher of some sorts, an Ulven who claims to have briefly died before being saved by surgeons and now gives sermons on the true nature of the Ulven afterlife. In the South Newhope put forth a call to any and all skilled laborers who were willing to give their time to help in some building and updating economic infrastructure.

    The Shield – The first month saw nothing more than small scale skirmishes. The warriors were easily able to keep the Mordok at bay and their spirits high. Overall the month was quiet. The second month, however; brought much more action. The skirmishes became more common and beyond that the Mordok seemed to be employing some type of a terror campaign on the defenders. There were multiple instances where dead warriors were found, near outposts, with signs of poisoning. It started to become more dangerous to patrol the areas around the outposts as devious and deadly Mordok traps started to pop up more and more often. Though the outright assaults remained rare, there was an ever present threat of death from an unseen foe.

    In February an Alpha Mordok began to make visits to the outposts along the shield. Eventually people began to understand that he was demanding a duel to decide the fate of the outpost. If a champion was sent to fight him then the outpost would be spared an onslaught regardless of the outcome. At one outpost rumors hold that they drew straws to see who would be granted the honor of facing the Alpha in single combat. A colonist won the draw and ended up toe-to-toe with the menacing monster. The reports of the fight all seem to be pretty sensationalized, but they all tell of how this scrappy colonist was able to deftly out-maneuver his opponent and in the end defeated the Alpha with nearly no damage to himself. Unfortunately without their Alpha to keep them in a few of the other Mordok jumped the colonist. Luckily the outpost defenders were able to drive them off and return their champion to the relative safety of the outpost.

    The Great Wolf’s Priest – The Priest traveled through the Ulven lands preaching a story of seeing inside of The Great Wolf’s Maw and realizing that it is not the punishment that the Ulven people had been told it would be. Unfortunately not more than a few people chose to follow this strange man to hear more of his story and so he remains somewhat of a mystery to the continent as a whole. He remains on his journey’s around the lands and will happily tell his tales and his philosophy to any who seek him.

    Newhope Economic Support – A great deal of people helped out over the months as Newhope made great efforts to bolster their economic infrastructure. Trails were cut and roads were paved. Trading posts were erected. In the end the people of Newhope and the supporters were able to relax and enjoy the festivities surrounding the annual Political Dinner. Nobles of various rank rubbed elbows and met with commoners and a great deal of coin and contracts changed hands.

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    June 2021 – Coast Expedition Part 3

    May was a month of bustling activity. The expedition remains in full swing while ships constantly ferry back and forth between the expedition camps and the docks of Newhope to bring news and exchange tired volunteers for new fresh faces. The word from the ships spreads quickly through out colonial lands and even spreads into the villages of the Ulven Clans. Apparently things are not what they may have seemed and the mysteries of the beached Aldorian ship and it’s strange locale continue to pile up. It doesn’t help that some whispers make their way to the Newhope that the researchers on the expedition may be keeping some discoveries quiet at this time.

    Word comes that a small crew of scouts and supporters traveled inland to try to pick up the trail of any Aldorian sailors that may have moved away from the beach. The only news of this small expedition that made it to the south are that they encountered some great beast whose howl pierces the soul in the lands between the western shores and The Dirge Swamp. Rumors begin to run rampant throughout the lands and these rumors spread further than any other news. Some people tell the story of these scouts meeting face to face with a progenitor of the Ulven race who’s wolf-like appearance has not yet dulled to look as the race does now. Others claim that they have heard that the scouts encountered some type of a hybrid between a Mordok and one of the Wailing Ghosts of Faedrun. And others claim that these are all just rumors and that the scouts were probably frightened off by their own shadows and the echo of a breaking twig bouncing through the forest. Nevertheless with the news comes a call to action. The expedition team will be putting together another inland excursion should there be adequate support. They will take any and all volunteers willing to travel to the North and join their crew.

    As for the ship itself. Word travels quickly to Newhope where soon everyone is painfully aware that the ship itself was empty upon discovery. It seems that not only was there no crew aboard, but there was rotting food found in the galley leaving people to believe the boat may have been abandoned for some time. To make matters worse it was discovered that the hull of the ship had been torn open on the reef and much of the cargo fell to the floor of the bay, taking with it potential answers to some of the ships mysteries. Lieutenant Commander Aeral Langsford has set forth a request for any and all able bodied people to make the trip to the expedition camp to aid her and her people in recovering this cargo from the floor of the bay. It is made clear that strong, toughened bodies will be the most help in this endeavor.

    Questions continue to pile up along the northwest beach and it seems that more snags keep finding their way into the process. To make matters worse some scouts have returned with reports that a storm will be coming in the next couple weeks. The expedition crew know that this could put a permanent end to their hopes of dredging up any answers. Not only would a storm force the crews to return to the safety of civilized lands, there is no doubt that a storm could bury or wash away the cargo from the bottom of the sea that may hold invaluable information. The calls for support to sail up and lend their aid become increasingly urgent. The next couple weeks will be critical should anyone hope to find concrete answers about the history and demise of this once proud Aldorian vessel and with luck, some insight into the more recent goings on on Faedrun.



    As the threat of the storm became more noteworthy a large portion of the expedition forces decided to board the early boats back to Newhope. The supply ships continued their transit back and forth between the expedition camp and the docks of the colonies to the south and with each passing day there seemed to be less and less people on the beach.

    A team of researchers set about to find a way to lift the cargo from the floor of the bay. Unfortunately the depth proved to be more than any of the workers lungs could carry them, but in the end it seems that one of the researchers solved the problem with a unique use of arcane magic. A volunteer would be handed a satchel of rocks and a thick rope and then be frozen in place with an Ice Bolt spell and pushed over board to sink to the bottom where they would unfreeze, tie a rope to one of the crates, and then give a tug on the line to be hauled back out of the ocean. Now this was a strange method, but one that proved to be useful.

    On the shore an additional team of researchers compiled whatever knowledge they could glean from this lifted cargo. By checking over the sunken goods as well as a series of manifests and journals found aboard the ship, the research team was able to come to the conclusion that the ship had set sail from Aldoria at least two-and-a-half years ago. The research team remained tight-lipped about their suspected whereabouts of the missing crew, but whispers through the camp spread rumors of mutiny, murder, or worse aboard the beached vessel.

    Throughout the month the howls of the unknown beasts in the wood continued and near the end of the month one unlucky guard met their demise when they wandered to close to the treeline after the sun had set. No one dared to go to his aid as his screams rolled over the sand dunes. The next day what remained of his body was found, shredded and cast over a wide area. With this presence in the woods no team was able to be drafted to head inland to search for the missing crew. Instead the scouts remained on the beach and kept an eye on the coming storm.

    When the storm arrived a mad scramble washed over the beach as everyone swirled in an unregulated mass to get their personal belongings and board the ships. Whereas the journey started with an overwhelming amount of logistic support, by the end the majority of those volunteers had already returned home. Only two were left to try to organize and load the cargo and supplies through the month and though they did their best there was no doubt a great deal of supplies and potentially enlightening research materials left behind. The return journey went with a relative smooth, though people often found themselves on the verge of hunger at many points over the long trek.

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    May 2021 – Coastal Expedition Part 2

    While most of Mardrun is abuzz with rumors and gossip about the seafaring voyage to the north, other topics circulate the taverns and marketplaces where people congregate. Most of it is small localized things, but some “ghost stories” have circulated around some mysterious happenings in Clan Ironmound. It appears that the addled ramblings of a few have found their way to many who ponder their true origins. By the end of the month, it is well known that a collaborative effort against the organized banditry in former Rivherhead territory is well underway.

    Coastal Expedition: Part 2 of 3
    After a long month of sailing and collecting reports from locals the expedition has finally located the mysterious Aldorian ship beached on a reef off the shore of a beach in the north, surrounded by other wrecked ships, mostly Ulven fishing vessels, but a few longships as well. From a distance there was no movement aboard the Aldorian ship, though a scout with a spyglass did note that many of their dinghies had been launched. A few rowboats were found in the area, though no one can be certain they came from the Aldorian vessel. A camp was quickly established on the beach and supply lines were developed to send ships back to Colonial lands to bring more expedition forces and supplies. These ships carried with them rumors of shipwrecks and tensions between some of the Newhope crew and the volunteer expedition teams. The air of lively hope within the colonial lands has gradually waned into a sense of nervous tension.

    Back at the camp plans are quickly devised to send a crew of researchers to the beached ship to see if they can find any evidence of where the crew may have gone. At the same time a retinue of scouts will take a portion of the martial forces and travel inland in an attempt to pick up any trails that the Aldorian sailors may have left. The remaining logistical and martial supporters will stay at the camp and make sure things are primed and ready for the return of the expeditions and, with hope, the crew of the beached Aldorian Ship.

    Lieutenant Commander Aeral Langsford of the Newhope Expeditionary force takes a moment to thank the volunteers who have joined the expedition with special thanks given to the Rangers of New Vandregon who have sent a very large contingent of support that dwarfs the rest of the organized supporters. This thanks is followed by one for The Ravens of Keys Crossing. An Aldorian sailor also seizes on this moment to chime in and give thanks to the Blades of Sol and the Phoenix of Fire Isle. Sharp ears would note a series of audible groans throughout the Newhope forces at the mention of The Phoenix. It seems their revelrous evening activities have started to wear on some of the more gruff sailors.

    The Lieutenant clears her throat to retake control of the discussion and continues on her point. She explains that while the incredible logistic support has been very beneficial, there is a distinct lack of volunteers on the research teams. Lieutenant Langsford puts forth a request that any of the logistic volunteers who possess the appropriate skills to consider joining the research teams so that they may operate at a level approaching the well-oiled nature of the logistics team.

    Throughout the month additional ships are chartered to bring more expedition forces to the North to aid in the tasks at hand.

    Update: The time spent on the northern beaches is overall quiet. Camps are established on the shores and patrols of scouts and warriors march up and down the beach keeping an eye on things. Researchers row out to the beached Aldorian vessel while scouts and supporters head inland to try to pick up the trail of the sailors from aboard the vessel.

    Bad news strikes from all directions. Not only is the ship abandoned, but the hull has been torn open, spilling the contents of the cargo hold to the floor of the bay. Scouts along the beach find evidence of a coming storm that may cause the expedition to have to return to Newhope sooner rather than later while also scattering any of the cargo from the ocean floor, to be lost to time. And then come the reports from the inland scouts. They were unable to find any sailors or pick up any guaranteed trails inland, but they did have a near miss encounter with the unknown beast that strikes fear into the hearts of mordok. Though they never laid eyes on it, the soul-chilling howls of the beast were more than enough to turn the break the party’s resolve and cause them to scramble back toward the safety of the beach.

    In the end more questions come than answers and the clock starts ticking as the inevitable storm works its way toward the encampments.