A New Day

Bryech SavageFang

Bryech walked into the village with Kreiger, he stood close to him as this was the first time in a year he had come into contact with people other than the Bloodfangs since he left his home in search of his father. The noises were not strange to him as he has spent the first few years of his life in a town much like this.
“You’re going to need a sword.” Kreiger grunted at him with no emotion in his voice as he handed him a coin purse heavy with silver.
“This should be more than plenty, Don’t buy anything else but a sword and make sure it’s crafter is respectable.” Bryech took the coin purse and stowed it in his belt which was just a piece of twine which was fraying slightly
“I have some business to attend to so I’ll meet you back here at nightfall, don’t be late.” and with that he was off to some corner of the outpost.

Bryech looked around he was confused he hadn’t experienced contact with other Ulven for quite sometime let alone Humans and Syndar. He searched the outpost and found a blacksmith he was an Ulven but Bryech still had a hard time conversing with him at first, but the swords looked sturdy and deadly so he bought one and went of to the place where Kreiger told him to meet.
The Sun Horse hadn’t even brought the sun to the middle of the sky. Bryech climbed a tree just outside of the outpost and listened to the sounds of nature and enjoyed the peacefulness of it all. He remembered his best days of his early travels when it was just him and the animals, the deer roaming the wilds and the wolves howling at the moon. He then remembered the winter and the horrors of the storms it brought with. He shook off the daydreams and searched back into reality.
He still had plenty of time to kill so he went out into the wilderness to explore before he began his travels with Kreiger. After about twenty minutes or so he stopped walking and climbed a tree nearby trying to get a better view of his surroundings. His new sword was impossible to hold in his twine belt so he held the handle and climbed nearly cutting off his fingers twice in the process. once he reached a decent height he looked around he couldn’t have been twelve feet off of the ground but he could see quite far. His moment of calm was interrupted by a loud “THWACK!” in the brush behind him. He strained his ear to hear whoever it was.

“Dammit, where did it go?” It was a woman’s voice. He watched the ground around him and an Ulven women appeared out of the brush, she looked to be about the same Bryech. She had a bow strung across her back and about six arrows with her. She walked forward a few feet and then looked around. She seemed to be angry and Bryech could tell why there was a red mark running across her face.
“Damn thorn branches.” she grumbled. She started walking again. Bryech guessed she was looking for something, most likely hunting. Bryech decided to follow her.
She went deep into the woods and Bryech was sure they were moving away from safety and into danger.
Eventually she stopped and sat on the ground and started eating some dried meat. Bryech was about to climb down for a closer look when he heard a twig snap in the distance. His eyes shot toward the noise and there in the middle of the valley The girl and Bryech had traveled into was a small group of Mordok, maybe only three of them but they were well armed and moving towards the girl. Bryech felt an anger swell inside of him, the Mordok had constantly hunted him during his time alone and he had nearly died many times at their hands, they were the only beings in the world whom he hated more than his former pack. He looked at the Mordok and then at his new sword.
“The ground will flood with their blood.” Bryech growled. Bryech climbed down swiftly from the tree and made his way to the girl. She still hadn’t picked up on the Mordok or Bryech but that was about to change. Bryech quickly but quietly made his way over to the girl, he walked behind her and put a hand over her mouth. She then reacted by biting him in the hand he grimaced but did not let go as she started thrashing and Bryech growled at her
“There is a pack of Mordok within shooting distance so I need you to be quiet!” She stopped thrashing and he released her, looking at the damage she had done to his hand.
“You could’ve told me in a better way you know.” She said as she took her bow off of her shoulder and nocked an arrow.
“Well it worked at keeping you quiet for the most part.” Bryech replied.
“What’s the plan?” She asked as she tried to get a view from the brush.
“You distract them and when they surround you I come in from behind and start a counter-attack.” he replies.
“That’s a terrible plan, you know that right.” She replied.
“Yeah I’ve had worse.” He replied crouching down getting a view of the Mordok as they searched the area, no doubt having found their scent.
“Name one plan that is worse than this one.” The girl growled as she readied herself to run.
“Me, a medium sized rock and three Mordok.” Bryech replied.

The girl ran out of the bush at breakneck speed as Bryech watched from the brush. She didn’t move them very far but she did wound one of them. About ten yards away she was surrounded and they were slowly moving in, Bryech started running toward them. The Mordok noticed him too late as he rammed his sword into the back of one’s knee. When it dropped down he put his left hand on its chin and twisted its neck with a fluid motion. It didn’t kill it right away, but it did distract it while Bryech followed up with his new blade, finishing it. A Mordok to his right pulled an axe over his shoulder to strike but an arrow hit him in the chest, and before he could react a the girl swung her bow and made solid contact with the creatures face. It stumbled, swinging blindly. The girl rolled out of the way of the sword. Bryech jumped forward driving his own sword into the Mordok’s chest. Another one of the beasts grabbed him from behind. The Mordok stabbed Bryech in the side with a knife, Bryech let out growl of anger and slammed the back of his head into the Mordok’s face causing it to stumble. Its grip loosened and Bryech jumped free and turned to face the Mordok. Blood was running from it’s nose and from the hole in Bryech’s side, Bryech ran forward and tackled the Mordok, he pinned it down and started punching in a wild rage. The creature clawed at him and bit at him. They struggled until the girl darted up, ending the struggle with her dagger.
“You can stop now, I think it’s dead.” The girl commented. He stood up and looked around and he saw the bodies of the Mordok lying motionless. The girl pulled an arrow from one of the corpses.
“Lets get some wood, we need to burn these bastards.” Bryech said panting.

The two warriors stood in front of the great fire currently burning the bodies of the Mordok they killed. “My name’s Bryech by the way.” Bryech said holding out his hand to the girl.
“Echo, nice to meet you.” They gripped arms like true Ulven and stared at the pyre. The sun was beginning to reach the far horizon and would soon set. The fire died down and the ash was being blown up by the wind. Echo interrupted the silence
“You fought well out there.”
“Thanks you too.” Bryech replied grimacing as the wound in his side throbbed. It had stopped bleeding for the most part and the knife didn’t seem to have any poison on it, so he would bandage it later. The situation was awkward for him. He hadn’t had much interaction with people for a while so conversation was awkward especially with this new friend. They walked back to the outpost just as night was falling.
“Until next time I guess.” Bryech said.
“Yeah, I’ll see you again I’m sure, hopefully we’re still on the same side.” Echo replied. They went their separate ways but Bryech had a feeling they’d meet again. The days events had given him all the proof he needed, that his new life was a good one, that today was a new day.

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