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Zenteagan Wincress

Character name: Zenteagan Wincress
Played by: Kevin Novy
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric
Age: 99
Race: Serous Syndar
Hair: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Traveling cleric/healer, member of the yet to be formed organization (Guardians of the Wall)
Know Skills: Brews his own ale. Knows cleric stuffs.
Birthplace: Lairthuduil.
Appearance: Short eared Syndar.
Relationships: Aladrin Briarwood, (Conner Ashmane, Stanley Lorden. characters still in progress)
Rumors: I am rumored to make the finest ale in all the land……..

Bio: I am a Serous Syndar of 99 years of age and was Born in the kingdom of Lairthuduil. My family was small with myself being an only child. My parents where both Clerics of Lunara and as I grew older, I too followed in their footsteps. I spent my early life studying the teachings of Lunara as well as learning the many different ways to heal someone with magics and the proper herbs. I still remember the beauty of the many gardens of Lairthuduil. My mother would walk with me as we would talk about the various flowers that would grow in them. It was of course due to our Kingdoms vast food source and its healing herbs that made it one of the first to be attached by the undead scourge. My time was spent trying to help heal the injured and get them to safety while also trying to hold back the undead advances but in the end we lost our kingdom and our gardens burned. Eventually, survivors took what they could and fled the home land. I was separated from my family and never saw them again. I held fast to Lunara’s teachings and her guidance lead me to safety aboard a ship of other refugees fleeing to wherever safe was. It was there I was introduced to a very dear friend, Aladrin Briarwood. Though I didn’t know it at the time, he would eventually become a great friend and ally who I would travel with fondly. We parted ways upon getting to the new world but I told him to look me up one day and i’m very glad he did so. It was a few years later when we would eventually be reunited. In those few years I had continued to practice my skills as a healer and follow Lunara’s teachings. I also returned to brewing Ale, a hobby I had taken up briefly before the fall of my homeland. When Aladrin found me, we decided to take to the open road and explore Mardrun. Our travels would lead us to another friend, a magician named Conner Ashmane, and eventually a man whom I came to consider a brother, a human named Stanley Lorden. He saved my friends and I one fateful night when a group of bandits attacked our camp. He said he was a Guardian of the wall and offered us to join him and so we did. We have been traveling together ever since.

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