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Yeruvonna Convallaria

Yeruvonna (Vonna) Convallaria

Played By: Basia Patten

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Race: Serous Syndar

Class: Rogue

Birthplace: Lairthuduil

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Notable Traits: 5’10”, Short braided hair, spiky in the back. Kind inquisitive eyes. Small scar above upper lip on her right side.

Known Skills: Unknown

Connections: Ravens

All she knew was nothing.

All she knew were the lands of New Aldoria now. She was forbidden to speak of much of her life, her home: the beautiful fields of pristine Lairthuduil. There, she knew herbs; the plants were fascinating and intriguing. She used to spend a lot of her spare time in the fields; observing flowers, reading books, and just spectating the world around her. Back home she was often left alone with her studies, completely content with her surroundings and her life. Those memories paled in comparison to what she had now: New Aldoria and Mardrun.

Her commune was one of the first ones brought in to explore the new world under the Aldorian banner. They brought her to Mardrun during a warm summer in the year 256. The newness and the unknown dangers of this foreign land were overwhelming, as were the cultures and customs of other races and the vegetation. And the plants – the new variation of herbs and plants were overwhelming, yet fascinating to her. Everything was fascinating to her. She had so many questions; questions about her home, the new world, and how her kin will continue. She wanted to understand the surrounding world she was forced to live in. But the questions often went unanswered. They pretended it was fine. They pretended nothing needed to be done or said. The undead pushed them out and steered them towards what others called, “hope” – at least, that’s what she was told. But it was not the same. She was not the same. Her commune kept her in the dark to protect their kin, or so they said. To try to reclaim what her kind used to be – to figure out how to regain their strength and numbers. But things were changing.

She was changing.

Not much is known about her during the five long years she wandered Mardun, seeking purpose and direction. At the time she was fed up with not know what the future held. She seldom speaks of that experience, the miles walked on foot no matter the weather. It was a good way to reassure her nagging thoughts that she wasn’t like the rest of her commune, or the Aldorians that saved them from complete destruction. They didn’t try to understand the unraveling thoughts that never left since her first step in Mardrun. They wouldn’t understand.

They never cared. Caring was almost a comical feeling for her. Almost unknown. Caring was what brought her pain. But also exposed her to a world she might have never known. She wanted to understand the land. The land which brought her a piece of what one may call happiness. She met HIM sometime after the first year on her own, stumbled upon him while passing Davon’s Reach. After that they spend two very short years exploring Mardrun together. The details are a little foggy as to what exactly HE was to her. She never quite understood his customs and the way humans love, but it made her smile nonetheless. HE made her smile. HE was exactly what she needed: a companion. HE was the one who made her desire to keep exploring these new lands, he was the one who helped her find her purpose. HIS kindness, honesty, openness…

…And his death.

The pain tore at her. It made her blind and absolutely devastated for a time – made her lose the sight of her purpose. But, after a time, the memories of everything she had learned from HIM brought her comfort. He wouldn’t wallow in pain. He wouldn’t want that for me. She wants to know more. She wanted knowledge in the effort to prevent anyone else from suffering the same fate…. Prevent death. She saw herself drown. She saw her path knowing it wasn’t as simple as that… Senseless death, death for no reason, needless aggression. Those are the things that caused HIS death. The things she saw humans use in search of power, of control in this strange land – she wanted to change how things would be done, by using her words. And yet…she couldn’t do it alone. She wasn’t strong enough to do so by herself. She wanted to do more; she wanted to know everything.

In hopes of a better future, she cast aside her solitude and joined with a group who accepted her. After another two years, it felt good to be a part of something once again. The group called to her and calmed her spirit, finally letting her enjoy her life amidst the lost memories of the past. Her goal: to be a voice in hopes to change this land. The Ravens, with their political expertise and camaraderie, would help her become exactly that.

Everything was important.

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