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Played By: Kai Manspeaker
Name: Xorvintaal
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: Syndar
Occupation: Scavenger
Skills: Shield Proficiency, Improved Shield Proficiency, Shield Expert

Xorvintaal’s parents were merchants who traveled around the lands selling their goods.
Xorvintaal’s parents were on a trip selling their goods when they were ambushed by a large
group of Mordok, they were all slaughtered. When Xorvintaal heard, he was filled with rage and
the urge to kill every last Mordok, but he was not ruthless. Luckily, Xorvintaals father had taught
him how to fight and he found out how to use this to his advantage.
Xorvintaal began looking for ways to seek revenge for what the Mordok did to his parents.
He soon joined an adventuring party that often ran into groups of Mordok. He would try to kill as
many Mordok as he could, but still followed orders. He will continue to help the adventuring party in
whatever way he can. It’s been different without his parents around to help him during difficult
times. Xorvintaal was left with nothing except for chain-mail, a shield, a sword, and a few coins.
He had to scavenge for the rest of his belongings, which isn’t much.

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