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Watchwolves of Luna

The Watchwolves of Luna are a tribe of Ulven from the Northwestern coasts of Mardrun. All Ulven believe themselves to be descended from the union of a primordial dire-wolf (Fenrisulfr/Hroovitnisir) and a humanoid nature spirit (Gaia), but the Watchwolves of Luna claim to trace their lineage specifically to the second son of the Great Fenrisulfr (Hroovitnisir), Hati Hroovitnisson. According to the Watchwolves of Luna, the eldest two sons of the Fenrisulf, Skoll Hroovitnisson and Hati Hroovitnisson, are responsible for chasing the sun horse and moon horse across the sky, respectively, in order to bring about the dawn and dusk. When the two demi-gods are not chasing the horses, they guard the horizons to the East and to the West, in order to keep the horses from running early or from going the wrong way. Obviously, The Watchwolves of Luna are closely related to their counterparts, The Watchwolves of Sol, who believe themselves to be descended from Fenrisulfr’s first son, Skoll. The two tribes have always been close allies, and Ulven from either tribe refer to a member of the other as “Cousin”.

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