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War-Line Letters

My Dearest Larina,

For far too long I have not seen my beloved mate, I have lost track of the days. We have been defending the main bridge over the river that protects us from Clan Grimward. It is unnerving, every night we hear the songs of their warriors and we see their hunters on patrol during the day. We do the best to keep our warriors in fighting shape. Yesterday I sparred with one of the humans from Vandregon. He was part of a patrol that had stopped by to warm himself by our fire. The weather is turning for the worse. The last of the leaves have changed and the chill in the wind cut into the cloak that you gave me. I will write more after my patrol.

Sorry Beloved, I meant to get back to this sooner but this war has different plans. One of the younger warriors was foolish and went to the river bank for a drink. The river is less than two hundred feet across here and one of the hunters on the other side of the river likes to take pot shots at us. It’s clear that he is just toying with us because he only shot a hole in the pups water skin. From the cries you would have thought he was hit in the gut. We ran down only to see the hunter sink back in to the bushes. We pulled the pup back and hopefully he learned his lesson. I wish I had more time to write you but I am lucky if I can sleep… I miss you and our son. I hope he is not being too much of a handful and helped with the harvest. I must rest and will write more soon.

It is now mid morning and about an hour ago I saw one of the war boats from the Order of Arnath’s fist. I have seen it come and go more times then I can count and I don’t know if it is the same boat or if they have more then one. Every time they look more and more damaged. But today is the worst I have ever seen it. It looked like some one had tried to burn it down, the once dark brown timbers are now chard black. The soldiers on the boat are not afraid of the hunters on the other side of the river. The first few times the hunters tried to take shots they received more arrows than they sent but it was not until the boat used it’s catapult that they got the hint. Now whenever the war boat comes up or down the river the Grimward pull back just far enough that they can’t hit them.

It is a little warmer today but the leaves will be falling soon. I hope that I will be home to see you before it snows. But I fear that dream is slipping away. Last night a fight broke out and its not the first time this subject came up. What if the Great Wolf is angry with us? What if this is not the path Gaia put us on? Why should we kill Ulvens to protect the human and syndar? And like time and time before the questions lead to fighting. It is getting so bad that even some of the Daughters cant stop them till some one is hurt so bad they cant go on. But now I find my self wondering if we are right? I mean, will the Great Wolf even know any of our names? Or will he be so mad that he won’t care what our names are? I keep losing sleep over these thoughts and I don’t know what to do.

Bodil tells me that as warriors, even if the war displeases the Great Wolf, we should not fear it because we are loyal to our clans and that loyalty will please him. Her words only help so much. She misses you too and sends her love and also dreams of the day we can all be together again. Sadly this will have to be my last letter for a while we don’t have much paper here. And I want to send this with the next hawk. May Gaia be with you, beloved.

Your loving mate,

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