Vincent Fallen-Cry

Character Bio Name: Vincent Fallen-Cry
Played By: Nik Knight
Age: 35
Race: Human
Vincent Fallen-Cry is the youngest of the Fallen-Cry brothers. Vincent is also the most introverted among his brothers. Vincent strongly distrusts everyone he comes into contact with, and sometimes feels this same attitude toward his own brothers. Basically shutting himself out from the world, and relying heavily on his own strength, and way of thinking. Vincent often got into conflicts with his brothers over his attitude.
This attitude developed when Vincent and his brothers were moving to the coast. Vincent and his mother had fallen behind, and the coastal town was being raided by Undead and the Penitent. Vincent’s cousin Henry ran back to help them, feeling the pressure of the undead Henry grabbed Vincent, and cut his mothers ankles saying, “She is nothing but dead weight now.” as Henry left her behind. Vincent struggled against Henry as hard as he could lashing Henry in the eye until Dimitri came over to help them. Dimitri saw their mother being devoured by the Undead, and worked quickly to drag Vincent to the boat. Later once they had fled the shores Dimitri went to check on Vincent, when he walked in he saw Vincent over the top of Henry with a bloody knife in his hand, and blood all over the cabin. When Dimitri asked what had happened Vincent simply said, “He was nothing but dead weight now.” in a cold emotionless voice.
Viewing his actions as if they were justified Vincent didn’t expect the ships crew or his family to lock him up in a makeshift cell for the murder of his cousin, Henry. This harsh treatment not only surprised him but furthered his distrust of people. He had, by this point become completely disillusioned in his brother for their unwillingness to believe him. As each day passes Vincent spends the voyage to Mardrun in his cell slowly believing that there is no one he can rely on and begins to push his brother away each time they visit.
Upon arrival to the new land Mardrun Vincent was freed from his makeshift cell by his brother Dimitri. As soon as Vincent set foot on the solid ground he ran for the woods fearing he would be locked up again. Making no attempt to cover his trail Vincent then collapses due to exhaustion…once he awakens he realizes he is not alone as he sits up he sees his brother Dimitri. After a long discussion Vincent goes back with Dimitri to his family and feels forced to follow his brother…but as each day passes Vincent wonders who will betray him next and how will he escape before this happens.

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