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Venator Oathkeeper

Played by: Dante Hardy
Name: Venator
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Orange and red eyes, His eyes turned red after his second encounter with the grey tides at the Onsallas outpost.
Occupation: Fights for the Vandregon army, And leads a task force for Vandregon called the Mermiden
Known Skills: Rage, Shield Expert, Armor Proficiency, Toughness (x2).
Birthplace: Under the full moon in the out lands in the Dread-fang’s former settlement .
Appearance: Dark underclothes, chain mail, and leather armor.
Notable Traits: Keeps to himself, and is very slow to covers with anyone regardless or race. Along with being slow to talk to anyone, he is less likely to trust anyone. He also has a strong hatred for the mordok. He yells and growls at his enemies (as all ulven seem to do).
Relationships: Mostly travels with his Mermiden,or just Rogar Shadow-Fang, and the Vandregon leader William.
Rumors: The origin on one rumor is unknown, but some think that dark storm clouds seem to follow Venator a crossed the land. As does the smell of burning forest.

UPDATE: Venator Oathkeeper was killed in Coalition’s battle against the undead Lich in December of the year 261. After struggling with the decision to pay the price that must be paid in order to activate the blade, he willingly sacrificing himself. After being the focus of a complicated ritual and contemplating his life and purpose, Venator channeled his life essence through a May’Kar Paladin blade to create a divine weapon strong enough to destroy the Lich. After reciting the power words to finish the ritual, Venator charged the Lich and fought it in melee combat. The Lich was no match for Venator’s skill with the blade and the Lich was struck and the spell activation complete. In a flash of blinding light and a thunderous boom the divine magic ripped through Venator’s body and completely destroyed the Lich, the following shockwave tearing through the energy holding the liches minions together and causing them to crumble. Through Venator’s sacrifice, the Lich was stopped and the undead plague on Mardrun destroyed before it truly began.

Venator was born to the old pack Dread-fang, and was the son of the Dread-fang’s Chieftain Darius Dread-fang, Venator was trained at a young age in the art of combat and was trained to be skilled in all aspects of weapons and their uses, as well as excelling in physiological intimidation. Venator from birth was promised to the Oath-keeper brotherhood to uphold a blood oath to protect all the adjacent packs around his home by his father, he would join the oath-keeper brotherhood a group dedicated to the protection of those who can’t protect themselves, thus gave him the title Oath-keeper from then on he wasn’t a Dread-fang, rather a guardian. but as years went on he came to despise the packs he was guarding, but he knew his fathers oath would cause Venator to suffer the same fate if he were to break it. However Venator discovered a loop hole in the oath, he would need to let ALL the packs die off and then he would be rid of this burden. so when the pack feel under attack by a group of mordok he left them to die. However one of the pack leaders escaped and came to Venator’s father and explained what had happened. After hearing this Darius was furious and ordered under penalty of death to go and clear out the mordok. Venator planed for this; he tackled him through the wall in their hut. Blinded with fury he took his sword and was about to slit his throat when Venator’s mother intervened. Still blinded by rage Venator stabs her through the heart. Darius was shocked, and he calls for an honor duel with Venator. Their battle lasted only 3 minutes, Venator over powered Darius with his strength, and skill. Venator pressed Darius to the point of exhaustion. Darius could feel the exhaustion setting in he would loss. However he called the rest of the pack to defend him, and chased Venator out of the camp.

Months later Venator finds his pack’s new settlement. Still vengeful he waits till night fall then sets fire to the camp. Darius is enraged and calls out to Venator for revenge. His response and the last words Venator says to his father are ” Don’t worry Darius this is only the beginning to MY victory!”

“For weeks in my travels I have been followed by a very persistent human, with many annoying questions to ask me. At one point he had asked if I was dishonored for not having the honor of most ulven warriors? “this question annoyed and angered me, but I knew just as rat like him does, that he would surly ask me again till i answered.” I stared him down and answered his insignificant question “No i do not feel at all dishonored or cheated by that, is it good to be known and feared, but to not be know but remain that thought in the back of ones head that if they were to cross me… would they know? That is what i enjoy most…. now i know I’m not the greatest fighter at the least i can hold my own, but my mother did not just give me a sturdy body to wield a sword and shield, but a cunning mind to find ways of taking some of the pressure off.”

He looks at me with a confused look. “shall i explain further? Very well, a true fight is indeed partly won by being a better fighter than another, but if you could beat that better, stronger fighter before he even draws a sword, now that is something deadly. Its true that in battle truth is the first to die creating a grand deception that travels by the tongue of another till it has past through the minds of many. Its the mystery of not knowing, all ulven are taught this, and i sometimes wounder if humans are, to know thine enemies. Well what if they are a cloud of smoke and some were in it is something lurking, waiting, that you can not see?” “this is what keeps all those curious away… unless they have been told before by the one who knows the truth… which leads me to wounder why you are here following me?” Venator draws his weapon. “So…. were is the one who told you of me… and don’t try and run you’ll be lost out here for weeks before someone finds you… IF they find you… so human were is Darius Dread-fang!”

To long has the swamp been my home. From the time of my insurgence at the Long-fang camp and Onsallas outpost, and after all that happens I meet one as strange ulven as i have ever meet. He greeted me as a friend, and asked to speak to me in private. I had take 3 of my Mermiden and 10 Vandregon footmen to a village on the verge of being attacked by the Graytides. But i made time to speak to this ulven. To my honor he was one ulven i grew up with, and fought with. His pack was right next to my own as a child. He spoke with much the same tone as his father. “Venator. I know events to take place soon will cut this conversation short. The Graytides are making hast here, they will attack within the hour, but i needed to speak with you urgently.” He reminded me much of myself as a younger form, “I know what you have done, you’re past, you’re legacy is drenched in you’re own kins blood. Tell me do you still seek the last surviving Ulven?” Ever since i escaped the swamp with my life i had been fearing this day to come. As a younger me i sought to work on the shadows, but with my new duties i am not allowed that luxury. But this ulven has been kind enough not to be an executioner of my deeds, and he deserves an answer.
“(Sighs) I have but gave up on my search for my father. my time in the dirge has shown me that vain hatred and childish grudges will inevitably be my own destruction. Its been a decade since my insertion to the Oath-keepers and 2 years since i set out to destroy my kin. I have been to near to death than i would like. IN the swamp i thought the great wolf was trying to punish me. But through it all i have emerged… stronger… smarter… calmer, I have come to grips with the fact that my own vendetta is unsavory a quality for the Mermiden’s leader. It is obvious that Darius is all to good at running and hiding for me to try and pursue him all my life. Instead I have decided to disown this crusade of death, and with it I give up the title of Oath-keeper. Maybe in the future after i have given all i have, The Great Wolf will come to know my name, and return me to a Dread-fang, but a Dread-fang of honor and of legend.”. Rogar bursts into the clearing “Venator! we need to go now! The Graytides are over running us! this camp site is doomed we need to get the villagers to safety!”. “Agreed, gather Scarlet and Franklin along with the all the Vandregon we brought. Tell them to escort to warriors and their families to safety. Go now Rogar as you said there isn’t any time to waste.” I looked back to my associate “I hate to leave this conversation were it is, but my duties call for my attention.

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