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Valla Blackknife

PLAYED BY: Trinity Peckham
CHARACTER NAME: Valla Blackknife
CLASS: Warrior
AGE: 17
RACE: Ulven
HAIR: Usually dark brown, but is often dyed.
EYES: Blue
OCCUPATION: Until her farm was destroyed by raiders, Valla was a garlic farmer.
KNOWN SKILLS: Trade: Laborer, Thrown weapons, Armor Proficiency
BIRTHPLACE: Valla was born on her family’s farm in Blackknife territory in the north of Clan Nightriver.
APPEARANCE: Valla wears glasses and tends to wear her hair up. She often looks aloof.
NOTABLE TRAITS: She always smells of garlic and cannot read.
Lilith Nightriver- Former Employer
    Ivar Garlictongue – Father
    Egil Garlictongue – Mother
    Sigurd Garlictongue – Family Idiot & Scapegoat
A week ago I ventured to Brattsholt in search of work. The Garlictongue family farm had had a bad few years, you see, and there were few crops to bring to market. The rest of my family was either desperately trying to save our own farm or working on the neighbor’s for extra silver. When I got to Brattsholt, there was much work to be done, and too many hands clamoring to sign on for them. It was a sheer bit of luck that a group of farmers on their way to till a field picked me up. It was an even greater bit of luck that I never saw evidence of the ongoing raid until I went back to the main settlement to collect my silver. Upon the farmer’s and my return to the main settlement, we found it burning and chaotic with no indication of if the raiders had left or if they were still there. After making a tactical, not-so-quiet retreat to the farmer’s farm, we found that the raiders had sacked many of the outlying farms as well. While the farmers stayed there to pick up the pieces, I said my goodbyes and made the long journey back to my own home with empty hands.
    When I had made it into Blackknife territory, a Pack member spotted me and told me that raiders came down from the Great Wolf’s Hackles and stormed through a few farms, doing what raiders do best. Unfortunately, my family farm was one of the ones targeted, and though all the other families whose farms were raided stayed and had started rebuilding, my family gave up on farming and dispersed to find work elsewhere. Some had taken up mercenary work, many went and made use of their blacksmithing prowess, and some idiot decided to start a farm again. After resting at a neighbor’s house for a few days, I went the same way the rest of my family did: wandering Mardrun to make some silver and perhaps a name for myself.
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