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Character Name: Valerian
Played by: Max

Species: Human
Skills: Bard, Arcane Magic
Age: 23
Born: Year 241, Autumn

It was a spring morning when the Stewart came to find Valerian, apparently a young man had arrived at the Spire seeking an interview. He refused at first, but the stewart persisted, “Listen… apparently they’re a huge fan, could you just give them five minutes of your time?”

With reluctance, Valerian finally agreed and sat down with the boy. He had a droopy face and star struck eyes. It wasn’t an attractive combination. Introductions were made and the conversation began. The boy felt it necessary to preface each question with “Hey Valerian.” It was a dreadful habit.

Hey, Valerian: Why did you join the Archons?
: Archons. They’re called Archons. No shit, I joined them.

Hey, Valerian: There was a rumor going around that you might… sleep with folk, for silver?
: My dear, that is completely not a rumor. People give me money to do what I want. Wouldn’t you say that’s a good deal?

Do you… sleep with any of the Archons?
: Are you insane? Of course I don’t! The archons are my business affairs, I don’t mix my business affairs with… my other business affairs. Things get messy that way.

Hey, Valerian: What do your parents think of that?
: Ama and father disagree with my decisions. They tried to convince me that, because we were well off enough, I didn’t need to, so I shouldn’t- I knew that well enough already. I don’t much care for what I do and do not need to do- I like sleeping with men and they’ll pay me money for it. It’s fun. It’s profitable. Why wouldn’t I?

Hey, Valerian. What exactly do your parents do, that you wouldn’t need to work?
: Silver trade. I would rather not discuss it.

Hey Valerian, is it true you’re a bard? Where did you learn?

: My parents thought it important that I learned music. I don’t think they expected that I would take it up as a trade.

Hey, Valerian. Where were you born? How did you get to Mardrun?
: Aldoria. Boat. Boring. Can’t you make these questions more interesting?

Uhm. Are you a powerful mage?
: Are you a mage at all? I feel like that’s relative.

Well, I’m not an Archon.
: Exactly.

The interview continued to go nowhere. Fifteen minutes later, the Magi Tyrannous heralded the Archmage’s return, Valerian used the chance to dismiss the boy “Important Archon matters to attend to, please make an appointment next time.”

He would have words with the Stewart for putting him on the spot.

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