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Valdus – [Renowned]

Player name : Ben Seering
Character name: Valdus
Race: Syndar
Class: Mage
Known skills: arcane magic and staff proficiency
Eyes: green
Hair: brown
Occupation: arcane researcher/mercenary

Valdus started Serving in the Grand Alliance when he was 16 and fought against the penitent the majority of his life. War was his life for over 40 years until the colonization of Mardrun. Valdus was forced on the ships by his family after getting injured in battle; it was not his choice to leave his homeland. He eventually forgave his family which consisted of his father and sister. His family founded an apothecary in the Newhope colony, while Valdus grew weary of battle and tried to give civilian life a chance. Unfortunately Valdus had absolutely no talent except for blasting people with magic or beating them with a stick, the stick of course being his preferred method. Valdus always thought magic was too sacred to be used solely for combat, but thats all he could ever manage to accomplish. He spent years trying to come up with ways to use his magic constructively, such as using a variation of the push spell as a form of propulsion for carts or boats but that was a complete disaster that wiped him out most of his resources. That forced him into mercenary work which he enjoyed just because he was useful again. These jobs were bodyguard positions, mostly protecting the client from mordok. When the Ulven civil war happened he again withdrew from the arts of war, beccause he did not feel right about warring with the ulven and did not want to spill their blood. It was one thing killing monsters such as mordok and undead. The ulven were different: unlike the humans they had a connection to nature, similar to the syndar, that he respected. During this time he resumed his arcane research, this time looking into ways to use magic to better understand the language of the Mordok. Valdus has spent the entire civil war on this endeavor though it yet has to bear fruit. Recently his father and sister were attacked and corrupted by mordok while collecting herbs. Valdus now seeks to work with the coalition in hopes of curing his family. He also thinks his research on a ritual to communicate with, or at least understand the Mordok could be useful in gathering intelligence from them and hopes to find allies among the coalition to help complete his research.

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