“I’ve heard say that the Gods favor the children. Hmmph. If that’s true, that damned dog will outlast us all.”Urlijk

Played by: Jess
Character Website: Coming

Race: Ulven
Gender: Female
Age: Exact uncertain… Early 20’s.
Hair: Umber
Eyes: Brown
Birthplace: Rushthaw.

Class: Rogue
Occupation: Professional Irritant
Known Skills: Games. Namely “Lets disable the metal things.”
Appearance: Tall, tends to wear the leathers and weave cloth of humans.
Notable Traits: Claws, crooked filed teeth (fangs) and a predilection for stowing random items in her hair.
Hates ‘unnatural’ (overly bright) light enough to actually ‘yell’ at people for using it. Irrepressibly energetic & inquisitive.
Bio: Born in Rushthaw

Issandra (sp?) – Human Fortune Teller & Urlijk’s newest bestest friend.
Fennel – Human Thief & Urlijk’s ‘mentor’, her first bestest friend. Missing?

~ Name yourself friend and that slow pup will do anything you say.
~ If I’d born a child like that. I wouldn’t come looking for it either.

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