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Toralf Grimmsvulker

Player: Michael Hannes

Class warrior

Age 22

Race Ulven

Hair brown

Eyes brown

Occupation Mercenary

Skills sword and shield/two handed and dual wield, mending, disease and poison resist, rage!

Appearance: long brown hair usually tied back in a ponytail or half pony with the sides of his head shaved, well built, sometimes kept goatee.

Relationships: made a pact with two humans to form a mercenary trio.

Rumors: I heard he slaughtered 4 Mordok on his own through pure rage and hate alone! He is different than other Ulven, he roars and growls and has more primal instincts from being alone in the wild for so long.

My name is Toralf Grimmsvulker. I am an Ulven male that has left Pack Stormfang under Clan Axehound in search of coin and honor in the name of the great wolf. Born in the year 244 my mother died in child birth, and my father resented me for it ever since. My father lost his leg to disease so I was forced to fight in order to provide for us. I was but a boy when I left my pack, no more than 9 years old. I knew that abandoning my clan and pack would make me an outcast, but that didn’t change my mind. I needed to get out and find my own way instead of fighting for scraps in order to keep my father and I barely scraping by.
I had nothing but the sword and shield given to me by my grandfather and had to beat the elements and hide from the roaming Mordok to survive. I fed on what I could scavenge and took weapons from dead travelers and Mordok to defend myself. Blood and battle were all I knew as I grew to a man. Through the years of wandering I became a mercenary of sorts, as a way to make coin. I also became quite proficient in the ways of the sword, changing from sword and shield to using two weapons as well as a greatsword. Not an honest living but I had no other option at this point.
Upon my travels as I moved Southward I happened upon two strange creatures. They looked like me but had no fangs and strange eyes. They readied their weapons at the sight of me as I did at them. I caught a familiar stench in the air. Mordok began to emerge from the tall grass to ambush us. I did not know these two men but they fought the Mordok same as I did. After the skirmish I inquired about them. One was a rogue of sorts carrying a bow and sword on his hip; he introduced himself as Leon Beldwick. His friend being brutish is stature, was wielding sword and shield such as myself introduced himself as Lux. I introduced myself and shared my tale of hardship. They too had similar beginnings and informed me of the colonists coming from another world. From that moment on we made a pact to fight alongside each other taking equal shares of coin we earned. We wandered for days until we came upon the settlement of the colonists. Perhaps here we can finally be at peace with our pasts, and find others who share our goal of ridding the world of these Mordok filth and bringing honor upon our names.

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