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Tor Andersson

BIO: Calvin Daniels

Played By: Calvin Daniels
Contact Info: xmana033@gmail.com
Character Name: Tor Andersson
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue
Age: 18
Race: Human
Hair: Light brown, with a white-blond patch slightly off-center.
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Hunter, forester, tracker, and mercenary.
Known Skills: Lore: Survival; Dual Wielding; Archery; Armor Proficiency; Trade(Hunter)
Birthplace: Small farm in Faedrun.
Relationships: None. Has cut all previous ties.

Notable Traits: Has white-blond patch of hair on the top of his head.
Background: Tor was born on a small farm in Faedrun to parents Ander and Elena. His father, Ander, had been a soldier in the Vandergon army, but had been wounded while saving a comrade and received an honorable discharge. Tor’s mother had been the daughter of a minor noble, but had run off after falling in love with Ander. Tor was a newborn when Ander received the discharge. Ander’s bad leg prevented him from doing any hard work on the farm, and the family was slowly losing money. When Mardrun was discovered, Ander decided that he might have better luck over there, especially with the Undead so close. So when Tor was three years old, the family sold all of their possessions and bought a spot on a ship bound for Mardrun. They set up a small homestead on the west coast of Mardrun, and things were going nicely. Ander taught Tor the basics of fighting and hunting. When Tor was 12, however, the homestead was attacked by seaborne marauders. Ander sent the servant for help, and then Ander and Elena (Tor’s mother) held off the bandits. Ander was fighting on the other side of the farm when Elena was killed protecting Tor, who was cowering in the barn. The pirates were about to kill Tor when help arrived, and Tor was saved. But Ander was broken by Elena’s death. He turned to alcohol and started blaming Tor for not saving Elena. He beat Tor regularly. When Tor met a girl named Aryana and fell in love with her at 16, he ran away from home and got married. They lived happily for a few months, but Tor’s happiness was shattered when he found her in bed with another man. He has been on his own ever since, for he knows that if he goes back to the farm, Ander will kill him.

Secret Info: He doesn’t use his last name, Andersson. He has renounced all ties to his father. Also, no one knows that after he found Aryana cheating on him, he murdered the man she was with, and raped her. He can’t bring himself to kill her, however. He prefers her to live with the knowledge that she broke his heart.

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