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The Tribe of the Jaguar

The Tribe of the Jaguar is unique. Located near the Syndar nations on Faedrun, they always chafed at their brethren’s attitude. When the first boats returned from Mardrun, the Shaman of the Jaguar Tribe offered to explore the continent for the Syndar nation. The Celestine, happy to get rid of the Io’Larian while not risking their own people, agreed. The Tribe of the Jaguar packed up wholesale and left on the very next ships to Mardrun, being amongst the first colonists to come over.

This also meant that the Tribe of the Jaguar was also one of the first colonists to encounter the Ulven, and were very involved in the Ulven-Colonist war. This took a toll on the Tribe, but it had the numbers to absorb the losses. After the peace in the Ulven-Colonist war, the Tribe of the Jaguar made their home in central Nightriver territory in the woods. Branthur Nightriver did not mind as the woods were sparsely populated, and the Tribe of the Jaguar was similar enough to Ulven to not cause trouble. The Tribe Shaman does report to Branthur and the Tribe pay some tithe, but neither side finds this disagreeable. The Tribe is otherwise left alone.

The Tribe is known for its size amongst the Io’Larian Syndar on Mardrun. Being able to carry their entire population over to Mardrun held considerable advantages, even with the losses in the Ulven-Colonist War. The Tribe is also known for its warriors, a unique facet among the Syndar. They wear garb of hides and leathers along with animal bones and trinkets. However, the Jaguars also paint their faces in green, yellow, and black, with a blue stripe across their eyes. This makes them a terrible visage to those who had never before seen them.

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