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The Shattered Tribes

The Shattered Tribes are a collection of the remnants of the many Tribes on Faedrun. Due to their often isolated nature, many of the Io’Larian Syndar Tribes were not as well protected or aware of the Fall, and were caught off guard by the wave of Undead and Penitent. A great deal of tribes were annihilated with only a scattered few surviving. Even fewer made their way over to Mardrun. However, these Tribes have banded together over the shared hardship and for many due to the disdain shown to them by their Serous and Celestine brethren.

Together these members of The Shattered Tribes have carved out a living in an area between Nightriver and Newhope territories and The Great Wolf’s Hackles. Many members have found a kindred with the Nightriver Ulven and have established a strong friendship and trade network with the Colonists and Ulven that travel the roads nearby.

The Shattered Tribe is not necessarily a governing body; it is a network of Io’Larian Syndar attempting to live their lives and regrow in the face of tragedy. They may bicker amongst each other, but they support each other as well. Through their close proximity many of the disparate cultures have begun to blend and pick up elements and customs from one another ending with many people of many different cultures who also take part in one shared Shattered Culture.

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