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The Saints of Vandregon

Worship of the Saints of Vandregon is an ancient well practiced religion that started many generations ago, well before the first contact war between the Syndar and Human Kingdoms. In this faith there are numerous Saints who have served the people of Vandregon in some shape or form that most often ended in Self-Sacrifice for the greater good of its people. As for the region that may have started the practice it is disputed by even the most learned of scholars, but it is either the Royal Capital or in the area around the holy sight known as Mount Bodwin, where the center of the religion is located and largest mountain in the region.

As stated previously, with the veneration of Saints as the cornerstone of this religion there is no solid portfolio or area where the religion focuses on other than the improvement of Vandregonian Society. Due to this there are a multitude of Saints to cover many aspects of life that those who follow the religion can pray to, whether it is a Saint of Sailors or the ever popular Sentinel Saint, Saint Arcadia, whom many warriors and knights of Vandregon. Beyond this there are a vast array of regional Saints that may have only seen worship in small areas of the Vandregonian Kingdom

Below are listed the popular Saints that survived the Fall and exodus from Faedrun:

Saint Arcadia, The Sentinel: This is one of the most recent Saints added to the religion during the battles with the Undead. Saint Arcadia, is often prayed to by those looking for protection, martial might, or the chivalrous path. Saint Arcadia came into divine recognition after sacrificing herself to defend a pass where undead and penitent from advancing in Southern Vandregon. It was said she fell twenty warriors, ten members of an undead cult, and four Undead before she gave in to her wounds. Before she fell, he struck a support beam that held the area open and caved in the pass, killing all foes and herself in the process to protect a town filled with wounded soldiers, commoners, and supply lines. She is often depicted as a knight in full plate armor, holding both a longsword and shield.

Saint Borim, The Hound: This saint is known more by those that explore the wilds for game, quarry, or foe. Saint Borim is a slightly older Saint that has survived the years due to being relatable to the common folk, military, and the nobility in a multitude of ways. Those that pray to Saint Borim generally are looking for skill in the hunt, endurance when facing the wilds, and true loyalty. Saint Borim came into divine recognition after a dreadfully long and cold winter in Northern Vandregon. In the region there were three villages and a town that were suffering from starvation, bandits, and lack of wood to keep the fires strong. Borim came to each town and worked endlessly to not only restock their pantries with fish, game, and edible bark, but also worked to form militias to fight off the bandits that plagued them. By the last village the largest blizzard ever known hit the area while out on a hunt. After this blizzard hit, the townsfolk went out to see what happened to Borim only to find his loyal hound half frozen, dragging a sled with massive elk and dead Borim on it. While the town was feld and the hound attempted to be saved, it refused to eat and stayed near the Grave of Borim till its last days. Many depict Saint Borim to be a strong muscular hunter with a strong thick bow and Gvalt, his loyal hound, at his feet.

Saint Thalia, The Maid: This Saint is known by the more common and rural folk as one that you can always turn to if in need. Saint Thalia is the second oldest known Saint of Vandregon, believed to have originated near in the region known as The Rolling Mounds. Those that pray to her often are asking for aid in matters of love, health, farming, and hearth. Saint Thalia came into power during a period of drought and famine that struck the area. The religious text states that during that time of hardship Saint Thalia came into the region and began to help small farms with trying to keep whatever crops that were growable. In her actions she was able to improve irrigation, soil quality, and help keep cattle alive by finding alternate methods of feed and where to drink. Through her actions the region was able to recover and then thrive after the drought passed. She stayed afterwards and continued to educate further with infrastructure and herbal medicine. After some time, Saint Thalia eventually passed due to old age after spending decades helping the Rolling Hills region of Vandregon. Many depict Saint Thalia as a younger woman in basic garb and apron with a basket of herbs, grain, and crown of flowers upon her head.

Saint Halver, The Mystic: This Saint is known by all citizens and worshipers of the faith. However they are not often prayed to outside of those who seek knowledge, magic, protection of the unknown, and death. Saint Halver is the oldest known Saint of Vandregon with tales going back unknown generations.
Religious texts that have survived show that Saint Halver came into power towards the beginning of the practice of worshiping the Saints of those who worked to improve and serve Vandregon. As for what caused this mysterious saint to rise to power, the stories are missing pieces of information but from what scholars could put together it was something along the following.
Saint Halver was a powerful mage who lived on the now known Mount Bodwin, often just coming down to collect new books or visit other intellectuals. Back when the Kingdom was just starting, there was a grand drought that was plaguing the lands of Vandregon. During this period, the current ruling king, King Vesper Vandregonia 3rd of his name, was despirate to save the people so he went on a quest to Mount Bodwin and climbed it without aid to the cottage that Halver was said to have lived in. Having fought off eagles, large spiders, nearly falling to his death on leg of the climb, King Vesper reached Halver’s threshold. Before he could even knock, the king’s weariness took over and sleep fell upon him like a crushing ocean wave. King Vesper woke up to see the heavily hooded figure sitting in the corner smoking on a pipe while reading a book by the fire. His highness got up and found there was a pitcher of water and a lowly clay cup for him to drink out of.
“I am a king, I will not drink from something so lowly.” Said Vesper, his voice filled with pride.
“Then you may stay thirsty… For a King that will not even touch his lips to the very clay he is to rule is a foolish King. For if such a King was to ever darken my stoop, I would have no advice to offer one who cannot accept what is placed right before him and as a gift. Such a prideful King wouldn’t heed my warnings and council, and rather do what they will. So, if the clay you rule is too far beneath you, King of Fools and Droughts, then stay thirsty and leave.” Said Halver, showing no emotion to the insult of hospitality
King Vesper then thought long and hard, for no one in all of Vandregon had ever spoken to him as such. He bit his tongue so no retort would leave, drank from the water, and found it to be the most refreshing drink to have ever passed over his lips.
King Vesper and Helvar then talked long into the night. The exact conversations are sparse in recording, but they spoke deeply of the drought.
“You will go deep into the Rolling Hills, bring workers of strong back and stronger constitution, for you will bring water to the rivers to the southern parts of your kingdom. You will find a lake and an ancient dam that was placed by your ancestors. Bring it to rubble and ruin, and let the lake flow like nature intended and the southern part of your kingdom will be spared. The northern kingdom will require strong laborers and strong horses; they will dig a series of trenches that will connect to the inland sea at the foot of the Celestial Mountains, for the water is perfect for soil and growing crops. Do this, and your lands will be spared from this drought and other droughts to come.” Said Halver.
King Vesper did just this and his people were saved from a drought that brought the Kingdom of Vandregon to its knees. It is then that King Vesper requested that Halver join him in court, but was refused four times. The fifth time, Halver came to agree and resided in the capital for all but the last three years of his life, where they returned to his home. Which was rebuilt by King Vesper’s son, King Yorik Vandregonia, into what would eventually become the Vault of Wisdom within the depths of the Citadel of Mount Bodwin. There are a few other stories, but those will be found or told another day.

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