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The Reclament

Heraldry set on a shield shape. A knotwork willow sits over a blue stream
Design and Illustration by Josephine Magee

On Faedrun

The Reclament is a holy order of Syndar clerics devoted to finding and laying to rest fallen Syndar. They believe that the mana gifted to all Syndar at birth is a resource that if abused and neglected will wither and die. The act of finding and returning the magical essence of all Syndar helps keep this energy in the community and in the Syndar race. Traditionally, the Reclament would return the mana of a fallen Syndar directly to the Life Stream, but in recent times many  are more inclined to store the mana in mana stones. There is a debate within the order of the Reclament that doing so exacerbates the problem of the mana drought, but there is no evidence to support this theory. The Rites of Mana Reclamation are a closely guarded secret of the order.

The clerics of the Reclament typically dress in blue, which is almost universally accepted to be the “color” of mana for the sake of representation in art. Most clerics of the Reclament wear ornate leather or metal armor, to protect themselves as they go into dangerous locations to recover bodies. Their heraldry consists of running water and a willow sapling. The Reclament have a sort of diplomatic immunity, due to their sacred duties, and may not be denied entry into any Syndar territory, kingdom, Enclave, Commune, or even homestead, as long as they are performing their sacred duties. All Syndar are expected to offer hospitality to the Reclament regardless of nationality or bloodline.

Though their duties are most often administering final rituals to the fallen, the Reclament can also be called upon to carry out punishment by permanently reclaiming the essence of a living Syndar criminal, leaving the individual Hollowed, and forever stripped of mana.

Hollowed Syndar are typically shunned by the Syndar communities, and more often than not become wanderers. These Syndar find it nearly impossible to hide their true nature, and are generally easy to spot. The overall appearance of a Hollowed Syndar can be described as somber or even haunted. To be hollowed is considered a fate worse than death.

On Mardrun:

No Reclamant are known to have made the journey to Mardrun. Given the incredible loss of life during The Fall and the battles of the Undead Plague, they saw it as their duty to remain behind and see to the bodies of as many of their brethren as they could. Unfortunately this meant that their knowledge did not make it to Mardrun.

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