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The Kingdom of Tielorrien


The largest and most prominent of the Syndar Kingdoms is the Kingdom of Tielorrien. The Kingdom of Tielorrien covers a vast region of terrain which is both mountainous and wooded. Though some of the smaller kingdoms maintain an isolationist stance regarding the rest of the world, the Kingdom of Tielorrien sees heavy traffic of merchants, scholars, and pilgrims. The capitol city of Tielorrien is the City of Seven Gates. The city is an awe-inspiring example of Syndar architecture. There is not a single building within it which would not be considered a work of art to a human visitor. Spires and towers twist high into the clouds, gleaming and sparkling in the sunlight. Banners and streamers adorn every building. There is not a space of wall anywhere within the city that is not beautifully adorned with frescos or murals. Even the cobblestones in the less wealthy areas are arranged into geometric patterns or runes of good fortune. At night, the white buildings glint and sparkle like multi-hued stars in the magical light of different colored Syndar illumination rods. Special occasions and holidays are celebrated with magically enhanced displays of alchemical pyrotechnics, or the projections of master illusionists. It is said that the cities of the Syndar never sleep, and this is true. Unlike humans, who are for the most part, daylight creatures, roughly one half of the Syndar people favor Lunara, while the others favor Solara. When the followers of one god are going to bed, the followers of the other are just waking up. Every day and every night, there are religious ceremonies to greet the rising sun and the rising moon, and the streets and markets are just as crowded at night as they are during the day.

New World:

Most of the Syndar refugees on Mardrun are originally from Tielorrien. This kingdom maintained the best relations with the Humans, and contributed the most to the grand alliance. Due to their open trade policies, most Syndar living in the Human kingdoms were originally from or were descended from Syndar of the kingdom of Tielorrien.

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