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The Kingdom of Fawyth

The kingdom of Fawyth is the second largest of the Syndar Kingdoms, though it is still much smaller by far than Tielorrien. This kingdom maintains a strict isolationist stance regarding outsiders. It is a place of learning and science. It is also a place of closely guarded secrets. Any sort of complex mechanical devices found on Faedrun were likely either smuggled out of Fawyth, or bootlegged off of their designs. Their time-keeping pieces are especially prized across Faedrun, and to own one is to gain a certain amount of prestige. Thieves and Assassins highly prize traps and devices from Fawyth. There are merchants on Faedrun who would probably give up their first-born child for but an hour to roam the marketplaces of the capitol. The people of Fawyth are a stoic and quiet people. Even other Syndar are regarded with suspicion by the Syndar of Fawyth. The kingdom is nearly completely comprised of Serous Syndar. The kingdom of Fawyth is an architectural wonder, as much of its capitol is built into the side of a mountain, shaped from living rock by a combination of mechanical wonders and elemental arcane magic.

New World:
Due to this kingdom’s isolationist stance and mistrust of outsiders, they were among the first to fall to the undead. They did not participate in the grand alliance, and rarely participated in trade or commerce with outsiders. There are no known survivors of Fawyth on Mardrun. Their secrets were seemingly buried with them.

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