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The Great Wolf

May your name ring in the Great Wolf’s Ears
– Ulven Saying

The Great Wolf is the father of the Ulven race, a distant god who takes the form of a giant wolf. Seemingly uninterested in the everyday concerns of the Ulven, he is the ultimate judge of their deeds in the afterlife. According to Ulven legends, the Great Wolf waits for all Ulven in the Journey, where they must declare their name. Should he recognize their deeds and name, they will be allowed to continue on their journey, but should he fail to recognize them, he will instead consume them whole.

Seen as wise and stern, the Great Wolf is a strange deity to many of the Colonists, as he apparently fails to intervene in the daily lives of his people like the other gods and goddesses of the world, yet his name is invoked constantly in curses and oaths. The Ulven liken him to a distant guide – he does not directly enter the lives of his people, but sends tests and challenges to his people so that they might grow and become worthy to pass by him in the Journey. It is his Mate, Gaia, who mothers the Ulven people – he is there to see that those who pass into the afterlife are worthy Ulven, who have lived true to the tenants of the Ulven people.

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