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The First Born

The First Born are an Io’Larian Syndar Tribe that have been “Awakened” to the truth: it is the Io’Larian Syndar, not the Celestine, that are the purest of their race. It is evident in their features, as their natural fae like characteristics are more pronounced than the Serous or Celestine Syndar. The Celestines and Serous are in fact the aberrations, and the Celestines convinced Syndar society that their aberrations make them superior, when in fact they are the least blessed among all.

The First Born follow a Priestess called the Word Bearer, the woman who first preached the Word. A Io’Larian herself, a chance meeting with a Lorespeaker and their Daughter of Gaia started her on the path. It was only with the revelation that the Syndar had traveled to Mardrun before that she was truly Awakened to the Word. In a dream the Word came to her, that was the Syndar had lost their way from Nature, and so were losing their connection to the Life Stream.

There is one more component to the Word that makes the Io’Larian Syndar unique: there was a third progenitor deity of the Syndar people. Tellus, the Mother Goddess of the Earth. With Solar and Lunara, it was Tellus who birthed the Syndar on Faedrun, and Tellus who also helped birth the subsequent Gods. Tellus was the wife of Solar, and the wife of Lunara. The Trifecta kept balance, and all Syndar born were Io’Larian with great fae characteristics and skin the color of the rainbow.

The Celestine and Serous were therefore the outcast children of the Three Gods; Silver Celestine were Lunes, Gold Celestine called Sols, and Serous were Tellunes. These Syndar were either missing, or overly blessed, by one deity. The First Born took pity on them, and kept them safe in their own little communes while they wandered free of the entire domains of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

However the Lunes and Sols grew jealous, and convinced the others to revolt against the First Born. The Lunes and Sols had to convince the Tellunes, most populous of the aberrations due to being the Mother Goddess’s children, otherwise the endeavor would fail. Deceived by the Sols and Lunes lies of equality, the Tellunes fought against the First Born.

Aghast and appalled at their behavior, the First Born defended themselves only as necessary. With the entire world as their domains, however, they easily migrated elsewhere. This let the Sols and the Lunes free to set up a society where they were on top. To cement this dynamic, they erased the Mother Goddess Tellus from history, giving her sons and daughters to only Lunara. Finally, they decreed a name change from the Sols, Lunes, and Tellunes to the Celestine (Heavenly) and Serous. This is how they erased the Serous’ own history from them.

With the Syndar unshackled from the chains of old Syndar society, Tellus reached out to the Word Bearer to tell her the True History of the Syndar, and First Born. When she awakened, she knew she had to spread the Word. Tellus granted her the faith and charisma to preach, as well as the ability to do great divine feats she previously could not.

As such, First Born are not a hereditary Tribe, but one of converts, mainly from Io’Larians (referred to as First Born), but also a few Serous (Tellunes). The Tribe is small, but their faith has led to the growth with new converts. All the members are not proselytizers, but will defend their faith to those who look at it with scorn. Finally, they hold disdain for any Celestine (Sol or Lune).

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