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The Fangs of Kyrkogrim

The Fangs of Kyrkogrim pride themselves as being the best warriors in the Ulven Nation. They believe that if they earn enough renown, the Great Wolf will not only know their names, but ask them to serve him in guarding the Wolf Road and Ulven holy grounds as members of his own pack of unearthly black wolves. Members of this Clan always have the word “fang” as part of their name. They are fearless in battle, and never retreat, no matter the odds. The Fangs of Kyrkogrim value martial prowess and honor above all else. They never resort to trickery or deception. The most skilled warriors of this Clan will sometimes leave their pack in search of an opponent who can best them in a duel and become their mentor. When colonists first began arriving from the Old World, many Fangs of Kyrkogrim left their packs to challenge the newcomers. The Fangs of Kyrkogrim hoped that they could learn new weapon-fighting styles and disciplines from the foreigners. The Fangs returned home disappointed. They have had little contact with the Colonists since.

Known Packs:

Pack Dreadfang

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