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The Enlightened

The Enlightened is a scholarly order that researches arcane magic at its highest levels and overlooks the education of the Celestine Syndar. They are powerful mages who also keep track of the massive libraries created in reference to magic and the lore of the world. To become a member of the inner circle of the Enlightened is to learn the most carefully guarded secrets of the Syndar people, and the most powerful arcane magics. It is the highest scholarly order that an Arcanist can aspire to someday reach. Such knowledge comes at a price, however. In order to protect the greatest secrets of the Syndar people, and it’s most powerful spells, a spell caster must give up their entire identity and sever all ties with their Enclave, Commune, and even their family. They pick a new name, and the person that they once were ceases to be. They can never go back. Such is the price of knowledge.

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