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Thalia Forgebreaker

I am Thalia, mate of Magnus Forgebreaker. I was born into Clan Goldenfield in 231, and married off to Clan Ironmound. I grew up learning to grow everything, and bring life to the land. Caring for all that grew. When I was twenty-two, I met Magnus Forgebreaker and joined my life to his. My father died so that we could meet, so even finding out that he was from another clan couldn’t prevent me from becoming his mate.

We traveled throughout his Clan’s lands, looking for a place that we could call home. After three young ones, and many homes, we have decided to settle. I hope to bring life to this place, and feed its people. I hope to see it thrive through my skill with the land and Magnus’ protection. I hope to build a safe place for my young to grow in peace.

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