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Sythrena Thalrearn

PLAYED BY: Sheila Rose

CHARACTER NAME: Sythrena Thalrearn (pronounced Sith-ren-ah Thal-ree-arn)

GENDER: Female


AGE: 120

RACE: Syndar


EYES: Brown

OCCUPATION: Researcher of the Rangers

KNOWN SKILLS: Lores, Weaver, arcane magic, and ritual magic

BIRTHPLACE: The Maykar Dominion

APPEARANCE: Thin frame, with long red hair.




BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: It was just getting to midday when the wagon made it over the hill. Its driver was an older human male named Nathan. Years out in the sun had bronzed his skin and bleached his already light colored hair to near white. Even in his old age, his body showed signs of a hard worker. He’d made his living taking passengers in and around the New Hope territories. He would sometimes transport whole families, and others he’d link up with a caravan to move various supplies. He made a good living off of it and it showed in his wagon, which was made of sturdy oak, carved with intricate designs and patterns. The interior was well furnished and comfortable, and there was enough airflow throughout the cabin to keep the air from growing stale. This one was his third replacement. It had thick wheels perfect for the new roads of the territories. He smiled at his good fortune. He truly had come a long way. And it was inside this wagon that he carried his most recent passenger.
She was a Syndar female, somewhat short and thin for her race, with long red hair tied back in a ponytail. In the back she had a few bags, some knicknacks, and a long pole-arm wrapped in cloth. Judging by her clothes, she was a Maykar- that or she liked blue and white. He chuckled at his joke; he’d said it out loud to her when they first met, though she didn’t find it as funny as he did. But that didn’t stop him from trying a few more times. A few of them got her to look up from her books. He was taking her From Davin’s Hold to Crow’s Landing.
Over the course of the trip she had gone through five thick books. Two of them had been rather dusty. Other than this, their trip was uneventful. Nathan was a bit worried when passing by Haven. Truly just a slum full of degenerates, the name may have changed three times, but the people sure as sin didn’t. He readied his two horses, but thankfully they were left alone as they passed by. He breathed a sigh of relief and carried on. Their journey took a few days and was mostly uneventful, even with all the upgrades to the roads, way points, towns, and many taverns; at least they had many safe places to rest.
Today was the last day of their travels together. It was a lovely day, sun high in the sky, and just the lightest of breezes. Normally it would be a bit chilly, but there was a breeze coming from the fire isle, so the temperature was higher than it should have been. Nathan’s passenger was taking another one of many naps she’d awarded herself throughout their journey. If she wasn’t reading, she was napping. This didn’t bother him, though. The sights and sounds of the journey were enough- it was the reason he’d come into this line of work in the first place.
There was still another 5 miles before they made it to Crow’s Landing. Three miles into this final stretch, his Syndar passenger woke up and joined him up front with her 6th book. She read a few pages, and then look around to take in the sights. Glancing at her, Nathan said, “We should reach the city soon, my lady.” She looked up from her book, offering him a nod in reply.
Soon, they’d made it to the settlement’s waypoint. It was a simple building, with a small wall for defense and four guards to man it. They had chain shirts under their tabards, and their arms and legs were protected by leather. Three of them had short spears, short swords, and sizable shields. The other was equipped with a bow. Here, the wagon was stopped and checked thoroughly. The guards wrote down their names in the logbook and asked a few questions about their travels, before sending them on their way. As they entered the town, Nathan’s quiet passenger became quite lively- her books were set aside as her attention was taken by Crow’s Landing’s sights and sounds, the buzz of the market-town a constant thrum of conversation and bustling workers, merchants and locals selling goods, and street performers looking for some extra coin from the adventurers who came and went. The smell of saltwater wafted in on the gentle breeze from the nearby sea, and the sound of ships docking and their goods being directed could be heard in the distance. Nathan steered his cart through the town’s winding roads with professional ease, until at last they arrived at their destination- a solitary house nestled in a quieter area of the town off of the main streets overlooking the town’s extensive docks, the beginnings of a ship port, as well as the glistening sea beyond. The home was a well-kept, white two-story cottage with ample windows for natural sunlight. As Nathan pulled the cart to a stop in front of the structure, the Syndar he’d taxi’d gathered her things with hasty excitement. The man couldn’t help but smile- after all, Crow’s Landing was one of his favorite places to visit, especially around this time of year.
Turning to his passenger, Nathan gave the girl a gentle pat on the shoulder as she gathered her things. “Well, here you are, my girl. Do take time to get yourself comfortable and settled in, but make sure to leave time for the festivities as well! You’ve arrived at the most opportune time, after all!”
As she slung her pack over her shoulder, the young woman turned to him with a puzzled look on her face. “Why, what’s happening?”
“Why, just the annual Market Faire! There will be merchants from all corners of Mardrun coming here to sell their goods and compete in the various events that will take place. What you saw in the streets on the way in, those were the early arrivers. Hell, I may extend a day or two from my leave to join in the celebration myself!” The man exclaimed brightly, his grin growing wider as he described the lively event to come.
She gave him a grin- the first he’d been able to garner from her on their journeys- as she stepped down from the cart. “Ah, I see. I’ll be sure to enjoy it, then. Thank you very much for taking me,” she said, and handed the cart-driver a small coin purse for his services. Nathan nodded his thanks, and she waved him off as he coaxed his horses back into motion. All in all, a successful ferry, he thought, as he pulled away into the bustling streets of town to his next customer.

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