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Sunaya “Sunny” Flowa

Player name: Arlene Hepp

Character name: Sunaya Flowa aka “Sunny”

Gender: female

Race: Human

Occupation: Healer

Birthplace: Faedrun

Appearance: Always has a sunflower in her hair, tends to wear clothing that is green and brown with gold detailing.


She is a human that is known to be upbeat and a little …. strange. She tends to spend most of her time helping others by bandaging and healing their wounds. Otherwise she likes to keep busy, by either talking to people or working on her many many projects. Why does she have so many projects? Well staying focused on one task is…. challenging for her as she is easily distracted and fascinated by everything and anything shiny. She is obsessed with gold, silver, jewels or anything else that’s pretty or shiny. She likes to travel around so she can help people but mostly so she can find/get all the shiny things she can.

If you ask her where she is from she will tell you all about the sunflower fields and flowers and why it is she has a sunflower in her hair. But the actual location of this field remains unknown. As happy as some people are to see and be around her they are just as happy to see her go away, as being in her presence for any amount of time can be quite taxing on one’s patience. She asks all sorts of questions (some very inappropriate) and talks and can ramble on a lot about nothing. Everyone who has met her says she is harmless and means no disrespect that she just doesn’t know any better, no matter how many times she has been told. A village idiot she might be, but a useful one with her healing abilities.

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