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Pack Stormfang bio

Chief: Jorvik Axehound

Priestess: Sigrid Axehound

Champion: Vilkas Stormfang

Pack: Belongs to Clan Axehound Located west of the main Axehound settlement. The settlement is closer to where The Great Forest lies. Taking much of the attitude from the main clan, Pack Stormfang is more brutish in nature. If you could not fight, you were forced to farm or do other tasks that seemed demeaning to your Ulven name. If you could not fight or could not work, you need to fend for yourself and try your best to survive. Stormfangs believed in strength more so than any other aspect. They often had contests to prove strength, battle prowess and battle capabilities. Most were not to the death but if one was caught committing a crime heinous enough to be put to trial they would be given a “Last Stand” trial. Meaning they would be given a dull blade, no armor and would be forced to fight against 2 other pack members in full battle armor. If the accused managed to land 3 cuts on each of the 2 members he was able to go free but was branded as a criminal. Pack Stormfang mainly kept to themselves and only hunted in The Great Forest while still holding on to their tradition, and hunting only what they needed to survive. It is always in respect to Gaia.

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