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Organization of the settlement of Starkhaven


Starkhaven the settlement has a fairly simply organization. It is run by the Mayor of Starkhaven. This man is in charge of all the duties of running a settlement: trade, health, disputes, etc. He functions as the head civil leader for all the peoples of the Starkhaven, and the Lay Order. The Mayor also is in charge of the local Town Guard.

The Mayor of Starkhaven is chosen from amongst the Starkhaven Council. This body is made up of those who meet a certain wealth requirement, whether through property or monetary means. Only one person per immediate family can be on the Council; no husband and wives, or fathers and sons, or any combination for a family to get more votes. That is the only requirement. While majority male, over a third are women.  

After that are the peoples of Starkhaven. Traditionally these have been considered Lay Order members; however, with Starkahven’s growth not all who reside there are officially attached to the Order. Some may be residents. However they all abide by the law.


Despite being a part of the Order of Arnath, the Starkhaven has military forces of its own. Outside of the local Town Guard, which responds to the Mayor, Starkhaven has its own militia unit that responds to the Militia General. In addition, Lay Order Militia attached to the various Chapters actually are on loan from Starkhaven.


The Militia is headed by a Militia General. He is in charge of the Lay Order forces, even those on detached duties (technically). In addition, he sees to all the needs of the Militia, but also deals with the politics of the position. He works closely with the Mayor of Starkhaven and the Hand in what is affectionately referred to as the “Iron Triangle”.

Below the General are the Commanders. This rank oversee detachments of Lay Order between 15-40 soldiers. A Commander is in charge of any Militia unit in the field personally (though may be taking orders from a Cleric), and may have other junior Commanders under them. This ranks primary purpose is supervising those under them to make sure the unit is in fighting shape, and to oversee the logistics of the unit. Though in charge in the field, they most often let the lower ranks carry out the orders they issue.

Beneath the Commanders are the Sergeants. These are squad leaders overseeing groups of soldiers of 8-14. These are the backbone of the Lay Order; they focus on the training and equipping of the soldiers. These are veteran soldiers who translate orders into actions, and are given a high degree of autonomy to do so. They serve as tactical leaders on the field.

Beneath them are the Corporals. These are squad leaders of 2-5 soldiers. These men are promoted above their peers when they have shown they can lead. They are charged with keeping their soldiers on task, and making sure they meet continue to adapt to meet their objectives.

Privates are the lowest rank of enlistment in the Lay Order, and are the rank of regular soldiers.

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