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Stanley Lorden

CHARACTER NAME: Stanley Lorden
CLASS: Warrior
AGE: 32
RACE: Human
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel
OCCUPATION: Blacksmith
RELATIONSHIPS: Friends with Zenteagan Wincress, Aladrin Greywood, Connor Ashmane.
RUMORS: Only known rumor is that he is known as the wall. Why is uncertain.

Stanley Lorden was just your average human man. His life was plain and boring and that’s the way Stan liked it. He grew up in a small farm that was completely average and had a rather average dog named Sir Barksalot. Nothing ever happened at the farm. He had average parents who lived average lives. Life for Stan would remain average for many years until he had to leave his home due to his family not paying their “Royal Governance of Aldoria” taxes. His family then moved to a new farm and life continued to be properly average.

His average life was once again turned upside down when the undead overran his farm. He might have tried to save his parents if he hadn’t been just an average man. Average people don’t stay and fight like heroes when the undead pour through Aldorian lands and kill everyone in their way.

Instead, he fled like most to another land. That is where Stanley would begin his new life that was more or less entirely average. He took up blacksmithing as it seemed to him to be a boring, quiet, and average job. However as hard as he tried, he couldn’t help but make above average work. It would seem Stanley was a gifted blacksmith. Though it bugged him greatly to be more than just your average man, he continued his new life fairly uneventfully until the day he crafted “Glendale”. Glendale was a massive shield and was anything but average. Stanley would stare at the shield for days wondering how he had crafted such an above average thing.

After admiring the shield for 2 years, 3 months, 4 days and 2.7 hours…. Stan would pick up the shield. Stanley from that moment would never be average ever again. He would craft a set of armor to match his shield and leave his average life behind. He would spend the next few years using his shield to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. Stan had never felt so alive than when he and Glendale would save an innocent life from horrible threat. People started to call him The Wall. For his shield was large and he would use it to form a wall between his foes and his friends. A wall that would never be brought down.

One not so average night Stan would stumble upon a group of bandits attacking a group of 3 lone travelers. Stan told the bandits to flee or face judgement. They attacked him but to no avail. Stan was an unmoving wall of sheer power and defense. They couldn’t land a single blow. Stan would wait until they were tired and then go on the offensive and defeat the evil doers.

The 3 men Stan had saved thanked him and introduced themselves as Zen, Al, and Conner. They vowed to join him to try and repay their debts. Stan agreed to take them in but knew they could never repay him.

He was of course Stanley Lorden after all; an extremely above average man.

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