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Slaughter’s Response

Aeden Haleth VonHorst

Hello friends, I wish I was writing you under better circumstances but I do not have much time to write this, so I’ll be brief.

Members of pack Greytide have attacked a village near Starkhaven and slaughtered most of its people. Survivors’ reports are confused but apparently the Greytide ordered the farmers to leave the open and unclaimed lands they had settled and were refused. Greytide then proceeded to kill all they could catch and any that fought for their homes. Women and children were included in the slaughtered. Greytide took trophies from the dead, including the face of a young girls mother while the child watched.

The Masters of my Order have charged me with seeking out the leader of Greytides masters, Clan Grimward, to find answers and decided whether we will march. I don’t need to tell you that if war breaks out it will spread.

We, and I, need your help to stop this before it starts. I ask you, if able, to meet me near the Grimward border in the Ulven free-town of Paviken in two weeks time, between the 7th and 14th of Eostur-monath.

I would not ask this of you unless the need was great. I need the voices of Ulven I trust at my side, I doubt Grimward will heed the word of a lone Human. I will be staying at the Hanged Mordok Inn as long as I am able. I hope to see you all soon.

Sincerely, Aedan Haleth Von Horst


Raskolf Vakr, my name is Aedan Von Horst, member of the Bastards, we met briefly at the Wayward in this past winter. I wish we had been able to help more in the final confrontation with the Mordok there but we needed to stop the other group of the beasts before they escaped. I was glad to see that you not only slew the beasts but didn’t lose a single member of your group.

The other letter in this message case was sent out around five hours ago to Freya Rev Anda, Kargen Bloodmoon and Harlok Longfang, all Ulven friends of mine and now you.

I understand that there is a vast difference between us, the ultimatum you sent to New Hope a few months ago aggravated an already tense balance between our peoples. However, I believe that sending it at all shows that you want peace between Ulven and Colonist.

I send these two letters to try and reach that goal. If an accord cannot be reached with the Grimward and Greytide then we will continue to fortify our supply lines and help the local Ulven clans we have allied with fortify their towns for now, but we will prepare for war. If Greytide and/or Grimward launch an unprovoked attack our people or allies again we will respond in kind.

We don’t want this. If nothing else we have a common foe in the Mordok, but after having spent most of the last year traveling with your people I have come to greatly respect many of them. Our races have far more that draws us together then not.

I’m sure you have been told of our behavior Khulgar Graytide, the messenger that came to the summit in New Hope. Many of us treated him the way we did because we know him from an incident at the Longfangs Onsallas Outpost this past fall. He came in spewing insults at any and all present, Ulven and colonist alike. Especially an Ulven named Freya Rev Anda.

After a heated argument between the two that included history that I do not remember well as I was being treated by the healer at the time, an honor duel was called between him and Freya Rev Anda. For many of us at the summit, and all the Bastards, Freya has been a friend for a long time, one of the first Ulven we came in contact with in our travels as a group. The rules of the duel: no weapons, no death unless accident and the duel continues to one admits defeat. When if became clear that Freya was winning the fight he pulled a dagger. Freya not only refused aid, but she still defeated the cur. He then ran off with his toadies, continuing to spew insults. As I mentioned I did not hear the history between them, but I found it telling that not one Ulven that wasn’t Greytide in the outpost supported him at any time, and members of at least three Clans were present: Fenrir, Longfang and Nightriver.

When Khulgar Graytide showed himself at the summit he gave no inclination that he was there in any official capacity, stating he was there “to observe us”. If it had been known he was there officially, I believe his reception would have been icy, but respectful of his position.

The Greytide have shown, in every encounter I have had with them, a deceitful nature and a deep-seated hatred for Mankind and the Syndar. Even when trying to help the Longfangs of Onsallas they hounded us at every step, not quite attacking us but making our tasks far harder then they needed to be. They also never raised a hand to help the Longfangs themselves, at least while I was present.

I do not expect you to trust a letter, but if you are able to meet me in Paviken or the Clan Grimward capitol to talk of these matters I would be grateful. If you do choose to come I will be alone in a town or city of your people.

I believe we both want the peace our peoples forged in blood to stand. We need to try and solve this situation before it escalates. Whether I see you soon or not, thank you for your time.

Aedan Haleth Von Horst

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