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September 269 – News and Rumors

The lands are ripe with the fruits of summer labors: Corn, beans, apples, and so many more are ready for the taking. The land erupts into motion in order to capture not only the food and other supplies, but at opportunity as well.


In the City State of Newhope, the sound of battle clang aloud in the fighting pits as warriors participated in a great tournament for fame, glory, lovers, and a fat purse overflowing with silver. Many warriors entered the arena, but few grabbed the attention of the crowds except for a notorious female Syndar named Veylena who fought with shortsword and axe. She quickly became the crowd’s favorite to upset the current sitting champion, Thennvik the Mad, a beast of a man that used two maces. The final battle was intense, with many spectators on the edge of their seats, but their faith in the newcomer was rewarded with Veylena standing above the broken and thoroughly beaten body of Thennvik. Many are curious of her origins, more so about what she will do with the exorbitant amount of silver she just earned.


In other gossip, it seems Lady Ala’zarma was seen being courted by a dashing young noble. Rumor has it that the dashing individual was seen handing a rose while reciting a sonnet to the Baroness in her gardens. While many didn’t see the spectacle, the gardener who did claim the noble to be almost half the Baroness’ age, and may have a slight reputation for drinking on the job.


Harvests are going beyond expectations across the land, many farmers are experiencing a large bumper crop of corn, potatoes, onions, and apples. Leading to many small festivals to thank Gaia and other deities for the extremely bountiful harvests throughout the land of Mardrun. With this bumper crop, many merchants are reporting a good economic uptick just in time before the pre-winter rush begins. One thing is for sure, winter will be easier on the folks of Mardrun this year.


In the lands of Clan Ironmound, many are beginning to breathe a sigh of relief as repairs and recovery of the lands affected by the earthquake this previous spring show signs of near completion. While there is still a little left to do before the harsh winter around the hackles sets in, the clan is more than confident it can finish what is left easily enough without the help from outside the clan. There have been many that have helped the clan in its time of distress and the distrust of colonists seems to have been lessened some by the actions of those who have aided them. As for the fate of the Lorespeaker Cache, that is a tale for another time.


Darker rumors start to flow from the Riverhead Lands, rumors of a dark alliance. Many are aware of the large amount of bandits in the area, but what isn’t as commonly known is who is keeping these thugs organized. These self named ‘Bandit Lords’ seemed to have had a meeting this past month. Nobody knows for certain what was spoken of or what deals occurred, but what is known is that the raids on other bandit groups seems to have died down considerably and are now working in a more organized manner.

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