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Sathenus Silvermane

Player Name: Daniel Zillmann
Race: Ulven
Character name: Sathenus Silvermane
Home: Watchwolf
Sworn To: Longfang
Known Loyalties: Stanrick Longfang, Daughters of Gaia, Soulveig.
Known Enemies: Whiteoaks. (Undisclosed reason)

I am a warrior of few words, but I will write until my hands bleed. I was born into Clan Watchwolf and raised as any Watchwolf would have been raised: Rough around the edges, with a temper to boot, I have spent years learning to hold it in until a proper time for it’s release.

I was Joined with my Life Mate at a young age, and was quite lucky to have a loving mate to be joined to. In Watchwolf culture we mate for life to one mate, unlike the Polyamory that some Ulven practice. My life was usually filled with fistfights and taking down disorderly people either with a few cutting words, or if need be, cutting with my swords.

One day I was told by my Chieftain to escort some fur traders to the next territory. While doing my duty, a Whiteoak female took to me. I attempted to refuse her…

I returned to my village, thinking I cast off the Whiteoak female. No sooner did I get through the village gate, then the female shown up attempting to get inside saying I was her mate. With a convincing story and all my wit disarmed by the situation, my rebuttals fell on deaf ears. I was cast out, and told to take my new ‘mate’ with me, who later admitted to me that what she did, she did just for fun.

I left my homeland in search of honor. Going around from village to village, offering my skills with my swords to earn my keep. I won many fights and battles yet my shame still got to me, so I made my way north to the Dirge Swamp to die in the greatest battle that the Great Wolf would see. I stopped at the Village of Onsallas before venturing to my last battle. I visited the Longfang priestess Soulveig for a final blessing. After a bit of conversation she revealed that I did nothing wrong. Mother Gaia allowed the event to happen to show me a different path. With much deliberation, I came to terms with my past at that moment, and was offered a home with the Longfangs as a warrior. My skill was noticed, and I was trusted to guard the village and the Daughters of Gaia. I never strayed from my duty and was there when Soulveig died.

The one who offered me sanctuary and repentance of my past is now gone. I fell into a deep depression, figuring some spirits would be good to relieve the mood and tension. A few mugs in, three younger Ulven got out of hand, so I forcibly put them back into their place. This got the attention of Stanrick Longfang. After that Stanrick had offered up a spot at his table for me. Through our conversation he stopped referring to me as “The Berserker” or “That Watchwolf” as many knew me, and asked me if I would take the post of his bodyguard. I gladly accepted.

Now with some freedom, a reason to live, and a clear vision of the near future, I don’t feel the need to sell my services or skill. They are at the place where they will be best utilized.

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