Played By: Keith Duckman

Character Name: Sarmion

Gender: Male

Class: Cleric

Age: 25

Race: Human

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Wandering cleric

Known skills: He received standard training with weapons and armor under the Order, though they have mostly fallen into disuse. Low level divine magic ability, along with knowledge of how it is used at higher levels, was picked up during his Order days. His Lion training taught him the basics of battlefield tactics to prepare him for battle against the Undead.

Appearance: A tall man, over six feet, with a muscular but not bulky build, Sarmion carries himself like a warrior. Brown hair is cut short then allowed to grow until it becomes bothersome, before being cut short again, resulting in hair length varying throughout the months. His blue eyes are restless, constantly flitting about, missing little. While his bearing may be that of a warrior, his garb is not. He is usually clad in simple boots, pants and a tunic, with a simple hooded cloak over all of it. A walking stick is typically carried rather than a sword, and he rarely finds himself armored.

Relationships: As Sarmion has been wandering about the human settlements since his arrival on Mardrun, he has formed no strong connections with anyone, though he hasn’t made any enemies, either. The few that bother to remember his name probably only know him as the wandering cleric that was kicked out of the Order of Arnath.

Rumors: While most don’t bother themselves with talk of the wandering cleric, they occasionally speculate on the truth of why, exactly, he was expelled from the Order of Arnath, despite him making no secret of the story.

Bio/Background History: Sarmion was born in the year 239 in a small village in the foothills of the Celestial Mountains, not far from the High Fortress of the Order of Arnath. At a young age he showed what his parents believed to be an aptitude for divine magic, and so they promptly gave him to the Order. Sarmion was trained no different from any other, taught to be a warrior and to defend the weak. In time, he proved his parents right, for after several years with the Order and much study he did indeed develop a small knack for the divine.

He was quickly made a Lion, which should have led him to greatness, or at least the possibility to rise above his humble beginnings, but instead turned out to lead to his great shame. In the year 259, he and the rest of his squad were on the march to reinforce the Order against the hordes of Undead when they came upon what their commander assumed was a group of bandits. He quickly gave the order for the supposed bandits to be dispatched, and Sarmion did the unthinkable: he refused the order on the grounds that the men had not committed any crime that they knew of. When Sarmion turned and walked away from the commander, his commander flew into a rage and ordered Sarmion shackled and brought back to the High Fortress to be tried as a deserter.

The ensuing trial was over quickly; Sarmion’s entire squad saw him walking away from the commander, and that was enough for the judges to condemn him. Stripped of arms and armor and branded, Sarmion was cast out from the Order. Sarmion’s faith in Arnath was severely shaken; he found the idea that his religious leaders would condemn his refusal to attack men they stumbled across deeply troubling. Rather than stay in a land that he believed would rather have him serve as an unthinking soldier than a shield for the weak, Sarmion sought passage to the continent of Mardrun, where he has been ever since, a cleric in search of a god.

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