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Saphira’s Journals

Personal Journal Entries for Saphira
Written by Melanie Houghton


Whiteoak Territories – November
It was a treacherous trek that Faolan and I got ourselves into, but after all of my supplies had been looted; I needed some time to think. How was I going to rebuild the inventory that I received from my family before they were murdered? Other than their memory, that’s all I had left of them. Our new goal was to somehow replace all that was lost. We were invited to come along with a caravan of raiders who were headed to Whiteoak territory. These were the same Whiteoaks who had raided my supplies. I was all in. I wanted to know if this caravan of travelers had the audacity to raid the Whiteoak camps. After waiting by their winter’s warm fire, I was able to have peace of mind knowing that Faolan would be more than willing to fight in my honor. He was not able to retrieve any of my supplies but he did give them a piece of his mind. I sat and watched him when he returned from the first raid. He meditated a great while. The snow fell upon him as if he were a statue made of stone. Unscathed, Faolan was more interested in Vazra. A mage who apparently recalled through time itself and appeared in the woods just before we set up camp. He was mindless as he tried to tell the warriors of his travels. He was definitely out of it. I suspect his symptoms to be the after effects of his landing. This Vazra reminds me a little of my people from Nara Pentare. I am not certain how yet, but I am sure I’ll figure it out eventually. After a long long while, the second raiding party had returned. We began packing up to leave enemy territories when the WhiteOak sent an attack. Faolan and I had diverted the attack but were soon met at the borders of our allies by another group of them. Luckily we brought some of the caravan travelers with us. Sometimes not being a combative person has its worries, but I had the protection of others

Crowslanding – December
The winter is mild, but with a lacking of supplies, it has been less than easy bartering for other supplies we need. Luckily, Faolan and I decided to take refuge with the caravan and we are traveling back to their outpost with them. It has been hard trusting people after the murder of my family so the trip has not been so pleasant. I only just recently started trusting Vazra. I can’t pinpoint exactly yet, but he reminds me of home. I have also started trusting some of the Rangers. The Rangers are, or were part of the Whiteoak raids. We are traveling to Crow’s Landing. Crow’s Landing is where the Rangers call home. Traveling with strangers is not easy especially when you have no room in your heart for newcomers. I am in a constant state of feeling alone. The only one I have known is Faolan. With minimal supplies, I am fearful we will not survive winter. Luckily, I was able to pick up some harvesting tools. I have slowly started to replenish my stores. On our way to Crow’s Landing, Faolan and I started to get to know Vazra a little better. I still am having trouble figuring out why he reminds me of home. Maybe I have been away from my people for far too long. I am getting home sick. Hopefully I can hide it from Faolan. He has been so great! I feel like he would be mad if I spoke of back home especially after we have gotten this far. I will keep my secrets to myself. Hopefully I will have supplies enough to make potions. Potions, which could keep me from the remembrance of home. I know the only thing I would remember is how they all died. (crying) I can recall my father’s blood spraying my adrenaline kissed face. I grabbed my mother and ran for the forest but we were separated and she was caught. Headless, she lay in the town center. After all had settled and the enemy had left, I snuck back into town to gather my now stolen supplies and I fled for new land. Now I am with people I can’t fathom trusting. What am I to do? My bartering skills are less than fruitful without anything to offer. Bartering is how I got away from home. It is how I got this far. As we are getting closer to Crow’s Landing, my comfort levels are increasing. Everyone seems to know that I am not one for combat and so I need the others protection if we are faced with war. This helps my nerves. I am so grateful for their protection. However, it seems almost as if this people that we travel with ask for the wars. I have seen more combat with them than I have traveling on my own. It makes me wonder if Faolan and I were raided because the Whiteoak knew that their enemies were in the territory. We just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. I am also frustrated that after raiding their lands, my supplies were not found and returned. Maybe the Whiteoak had already rid themselves of them. I’m sure Faolan was looking for them when he went in to help the Raiders. But, I am strong. I know my way around deceit and I will do what’s necessary to survive. We are closer to Crow’s Landing. I can feel danger on the back of my neck. I hope there is enough help for what’s ahead.

“Faolan, what are we doing with these people? I am having a hard time trying to trust them. What if my supplies were found in the raid? I find it hard to believe they were not there. At least some of them had to be there.”
“You ask me so late whether or not we found anything? You know I’ve looked. I didn’t find anything. I do believe that these people have not taken things for themselves. I know your trust levels are scarce, but trying is all we can do. They have offered us refuge; do you think they would offer it to us if they weren’t?
“Just because they offered us safety does not mean they are friends with us. I am grateful for the refuge but I still am quite concerned that these people are foes. Where is your concern? We have traveled thus far without the support; can’t we just try to travel on our own and find ways to replenish my supplies?”
“No, the winter is going to be hard to handle on our own without your supply. Just wait this out with me and I promise we will come out on top.”

Though Faolan thinks we will come out on top, I still believe we have to watch out. We have arrived at Crow’s Landing and the Rangers are setting up camp trying to figure out what has been going on in their land. Apparently, bandits are attacking and have been trying to subdue the rangers in order to obtain some fear and supplies. Or at least that is what I understand. Faolan and I have joined Vazra to get the mages together. I am not a mage but Faolan is and he is my protection. It is hard to understand why but I still think Vazra has some characteristics of home. I am studying him to figure it out. As for now, I am looking for reagents in the surrounding areas. I need to rebuild what I have lost. There are guards at the trail entrances so I feel somewhat protected but I still feel danger lurking. It’s not deniable to feel war is upon us when we have chosen raiders to follow. There are some strange people who entered the area. They are perceived to be merchants, but people lie about who they are all the time.
After some time had gone by, the Rangers and their syndar company had been poisoned by food that the merchants passed out. Luckily I am still having hard times trusting and I convinced Faolan not to eat any. The rangers pretty much paid to be poisoned. I knew there was something untrustworthy of those folk when they hid in the trees after entering the camp. I was scared about what was to come next. I knew that not after too long there would be other bandits to take advantage of the poisoned folk. I hid behind the Brotherhood who had also been travel companions for the caravan to Crow’s Landing. After the fight was through things seemed to have calmed down. Not too long after, we started travel out of Crow’s Landing.
“Faolan, what’s next? Are you sure we are with safe travelers? ”

Giving Thanks:
I am still untrusting of some, but as we travel together, I am finding it less difficult. Have we found a place to call home? I am hoping that we will have somewhere to lay our heads while I replenish my supplies. Maybe make some silver.
“Faolan, are we going to honor the winter? I need to pray for the nature I have gathered and will gathered so that maybe we will have great luck in finding more when the cold finally retreats and life begins to bloom again.”
“We will, in good time.”
After setting up my ritual, I begin to honor the winter solstice. I am giving my thanks for all that was given. We had set up some way away from the others, but I could still hear them in the distance around their winter fire, drinking to stay warm. The cold has really started to take a strong hold on the lands. I sit and listen to the surroundings, meditate in the glory of nature. It’s calming to know that I can rely on it for survival. I feel as long as I praise and thank for what I take, it will continue to provide. Our journey onward will begin again at dawn. I will be ready to take on a new year.
“Faolan, I think that we have found a people to travel with. I know I had my doubts before, but I feel as though we have safety while we stay and for that, I am happy. Thank you for trusting, we will be okay here with these people.”
“I told you we would make it. All the wars we have seen and we continue to come out unscathed. That’s because they fight to protect what and who is with them.”

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