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Salguod’s Journals

Journal of Salguod
Written by Mason Rower

Day 26 of October

A month ago I went to see my foster parents. My foster mother Arianna told me of a dream that she felt came from her deity, the moon goddess Lunara. She told me that she saw a wolf and an icicle, near a building with a shield on the ground by the door. The shield had an emblem of a moon and star. I may have an idea of where that may lead because that emblem is the emblem of pack Stargazer from clan Spiritclaw, as Selena has told me in the past. I need to find where this information leads, but I must hold off and figure out what is going on with this war for I have told Stanrick that I will join him in the raids against the Whiteoak. He knows that I am in search of my people. It’s as good of a place to start. Whiteoak, here I come.

Day 3 of January

It has been many months since I have written of my exploits. Today I have finally brought forth the fruition of plans I have been meaning to attend to. My plans for finally bringing my pack back together as one since those many years ago, the fall. I thought my pack was truly gone until the day I came across Heather Icewolf. I had just about given up hope that any of my people were alive. Now I know that they are alive. The time has come that my people be brought together. I have talked with Pack Chieftain Stanrick and his mate, former truth seeker Selena about my plight and they were accepting. They are both great friends to have. My only regret is that I will have to leave the Vandregon and go my own way. William has been a great friend to me these past years and I will be grateful for his friendship and guidance. He is one of the only humans I will ever truly trust.

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