Sagrell was born in the year 221 to the Phoenix Syndar. His parents separated shortly after his birth, mutually choosing to mate with others of the tribe. As is customary with young members of the tribe, he was tested at the age of 10 and found to have talent in the arcane arts. Even though he had a clear knack for the arcane, his teachers became increasingly frustrated with the lad. He was a curious boy and pursued every curiosity that came his way, more often than not leading him into one form of mischief or another, even if it was rarely intentional. He dropped out of the classes after the required year but continued to study and read books on his own.

When Magis Yara came back from her journey of enlightenment with news of the never-ending plague, Sagrell was tremendously excited for the journey. For him it was a grand adventure, with curiosities galore and exciting discoveries to be made, and so, when the tribe set off, he was ready. Even when his mother deserted, followed closely by his father, he was ready.

The trek to the ocean was not as glamorous as the boy had hoped, but through it all, his taste for adventure and curiosity kept him upbeat and invigorated. When they finally reached the boats, he wanted desperately to travel on the second boat, but his elders, fearing his curiosity may lead to trouble, insisted that he travel with them, on the boat led by the captain.
The journey was long and boring, excluding the giant storm. That was a little exciting. Sagrell found himself either practicing the arcane or up on deck peering off on into the horizon. He fell ill during the journey, as did most of the Phoenix, but he still continued to spend as much of his time as possible on the deck. One day, after countless others, all exactly the same, he spied land on the horizon. He was so excited, he ran up to the captain, grabbed the spyglass from him and ran to the point of the ship closest to the speck of land to confirm his findings. His smile betrayed him to Magis Raina as he bounced down the stairs.

Life on the new island was wonderful for the boy, all sorts of new things to discover and learn. As he grew, so did his curiosities. After many years, when they sighted movement far off, he was quite upset that he was not among the chosen to go meet them. Once his fellow Phoenix returned from their journey, he bombarded them with questions. Who did they meet? Where were they from? What were they? Were there any pretty girls? On and on he asked.

Somehow, perhaps due to the countless books on undead he read over the years, they allowed him into the group that was sent to assist in combating the Lich. And so, the next chapter in Sagrell’s life began.

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