Name: Roains
Player: Aaron Pfeffer
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Mercenary
Religion: Unknown
Many townspeople funnel down a set of stairs onto heading towards a small dock where several large boats are moored. A soldier at the end of the docks is waving and shouting. “Please move quickly onto the boats. There is room for everyone so there is no need to push.” He continues to show people to the boats and after a while there are no townsfolk left. Another soldier runs up from the boats “Sergeant. All the towns people are on the boats.” The sergeant turns “Good. We must wait for Commander Nikiri and the rest of the men. Go back to the boats and keep everyone calm.” “Right away.” The soldier runs back to the boats and the sergeant waits at the edge of the docks looking up towards the front gate. The rain is falling hard drowning out almost all noise yet you can hear the faint sounds of battle in the distance.
Several minuets pass and then he sees movement in the distance. As it gets closer he sees that it’s the men that where fighting at the gate. “This way quickly. We must board the boats quickly.” The large number of soldiers run past. A few soldiers being helped or carried by others. As the last man passes the sergeant turns and quickly follows.
As he steps onto the boat the lines are cut and the boat is pushed away from the docks. As the wind catches the sails the boat is pulled out to sea. He turns and looks to the small town for one last time as he see’s undead poring through the gate and sweeping over the town like a flood. He watches for a moment then turns away and goes below decks to rest. Several weeks past as they sailed. No one knew how long they have been sailing. They managed to stay fed with what supplies they had on board as well as what they managed to catch. They encountered a few minor squalls but nothing to major as the small fleet sailed.
One night he is suddenly woken up by getting tossed to the ground by the ships rocking. As he gets his bearings he notices the boat being thrown from side to side and the sound of wind howling. Rain and waves pounding the deck. He quickly gets up and works his way the top deck where men are scrambling to get control of the sail that has broken lose from the wind. As men clamber about getting tossed around with the boat he tries to work his way to a group of men that are trying to tie down one of the ropes for the sail. He rushes over to assist but as he passes the mast a large wave comes over the rail and crashes onto the deck. He gets swept up and smashed into the mast getting knocked unconscious and thrown overboard.
He then slowly begins to wake up. As he opens his eye’s he finds himself floating on a large board just off shore of unknown shores. He gathers what strength he has left and swims to shore. As he gets onto the beach he lays there for a while and then passes out. He awakes to an unfamiliar room. The house belonged to a small family that took him in and started to nurse his wounds.
Several months later he has left the town and the family that helped him. He is now traveling with a group to help them rebuild a village as a wood cutter. Armed only with an axe he felt pitifully armed and protected compared to what he was used to. As time passed on his trip be came into contact with a Feral Syndar named Pan. A while after they reached the village He was tasked with watching over the fire and to keep it going. He was in the process of thinking as to what he should do next after the village is built. He did not belong with these townspeople. Then Pan sat by the fire and they talked a bit. She asked if he would care to join them and he saw it as the opportunity he needed to get back to what he was good at and get away from the life of a simple wood cutter. Shortly after the town was secured he left with them to a city where he was able to have a blacksmith make him the equipment he needed.
Now armed with a good sword and protected with fine armor that he was used to he felt like his old self and felt he had a purpose again. He shall continue to search for the others with every chance he gets but he shall continue to follow the new path he has found.

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