PLAYED BY: Tim Bollig
CLASS: Warrior
AGE: 60s
RACE: Half-Syndar
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel
KNOWN SKILLS: Archery and Trapping
RELATIONSHIPS: Member of the Nomads
RUMORS: Hates being called a half breed.

Infidelity of many kinds existed upon the old nation of Vandregon. One that many looked at for being odd, was crossing lines, Revin’s father met his mother during a trade with the outer lying towns. Captivated by her magical essence, he took her along with the trade. Once they returned home, he intended for her to teach some of his younger children, as Syndar people were known to be natural with magic, they could learn much more from the woman. Yet her uncooperative attitude, he met with hostility. Ten months after she was brought into their home, his eldest daughter had become known as a Mage. This same week, a new child entered the home: their father’s half-breed abomination.

Although the child had the ears and long life from his mother’s side, little else was gained. He did not even hold any of his late mother’s aptitude, and shortly after birth, his mother passed from the world due to complications. Taking the child under cover of night, he nearly threw it into the woods to it’s own devices. The boys cry took him by surprise, staring at him, they went home. Raising the boy he had very high expectations. So much so that they were insurmountable.

Revin grew learning he had a long way to go to appease any of his family, his mother was never talked about, only that the best thing she did in this world was to teach the rest of them magic. The constant undermining and degradation from the rest of his family slowly took its toll. On family outings he was rarely taken with, to the point most didn’t know he was a part of the family at all. His father pushed him to become better at everything. He had to be the best at the sword, the best at the shield, he had to hit the bulls eye on archery. Of the many expectations his father pushed him towards he succeeded on archery. As one day when he was out in the woods chasing down fawns and rabbits that escaped his meager traps he realized how worthless his sword was. Coming home with nothing, he felt the shame a little bit more that time. Running around the woods, swinging a sword at a running fawn, was not the way to go. It was by far, easier to shoot my food with a bow, then it was to chase it down with a sword.

Years passed him by and soon he had joined the Vandregonian military, starting inside the scout force it was a small praise he had earned from his father. At least he may be useful as a body in the military. Working hard at his tasks as if his father was still on his ass he quickly graduated with promotion and higher rank into the Ranger. A few years later and he had taken command of a small group inside the Rangers as a Sergeant. During his tour he came upon a blind girl from the medic’s tent. Clubbing him sufficiently in the stomach opening an earlier wound she later stitched him back to perfection. Comet soon became a fast friend of his during this time, yet time came short as an attack on the established area of operations moved many of the people away. Last he had seen her, was providing cover fire turning her the direction of safety and having her run. Since then he did not know if she made it, or if the powers that be took her early.

It lasted hours, but soon the camp had been evacuated, many injured and dead but the healers and medics were long ran for safety. As the teams were regathered none could seem to find his friend. His new worry bloomed to see her milk eyes among the undead hordes, possibly even the penitent. Regrouping they prepared for another field move. From this battle, it seemed to be the beginning of the end, not long after the May’Kar King rose as an undead, and they turned their backs upon the continent in worship towards their reanimated lord. Feeling a larger sense of dread, he departed on the ships ready to leave this downward spiral behind.

The new continent of Mardrun treated him quite well, he spent much time in the city of Crows Landing, the second port city to spring up. His old nation of Vandregon dwindled almost to extinction on these new lands. As Crows Landing grew rapidly, so did the other towns around it, many sprung up as new factions as well as settlements to go with them. As summer passed he was tasked with accompanying a supply drop to Goldshire, as they arrived, it was seen that the city was in dispute. Pan and her originally Nomadic people were at arms with the farmers and city dwellers of the town. Her own faction members turning against her they were readying to leave for New Oarsmeet. Departing with their people to run supply, their journey took them through a myriad of areas. Yet they seemed to rejoice, as every night and every day they made merry, celebrating the whole journey there. New Oarsmeet was ravaged, buildings burned, people sick, and tired from banditry, the few supplies they had were used heavily in healing and surviving what they could.

Receiving a swift blow to the stomach as he helped search for those that needed help, he returned face to face with those milk white eyes from his past.

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