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Renald Eversmore

Renald Eversmore

Player: Michael Hannes
Character: Renald Eversmore
Age: 26
Race: Human
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Class: Cleric
Skills: Armor proficiency, improved armor proficiency, Divine Magic, meditation, shield proficiency, improved shield proficiency, toughness.


Renald was born in a small farming village in the Kingdom of Aldoria, to his father Romund, and his mother Regina. Knowing a farmers life wasn’t the easiest Renald’s parents wanted him to have the very best in life and thought he might find that by studying with the Order of Arnath. For years Renald studied the teachings of Arnath and was working his way towards potentially becoming a lion of the Order. However Renald was never able to finish his training and studies and join the order by fully committing to the church due to the plague of undead that rose in Faedrun. Still only being a boy at the time Renald wasn’t the best at combat and was afraid of the undead.

He tried to convince his parents to leave for the boats that were evacuating the continent, but they wanted to offer themselves to the Penitent as a way to try and save themselves from the impending slaughter. Renald begged and pleaded with them but they would not listen. As his parents offered themselves to the Penitent their first order was to kill Renald since he would not join them. Renald ran as fast as he could to the boats to get off the continent. After he boarded the boat it began to set sail, as Renald looked back he saw his parents standing at the shoreline. After a few seconds they turned away and joined the rest of the penitent and undead in the massacre and destruction of Faedrun. Renald sat against the side of the ship trying to fight back tears knowing that he was alone.

As the voyage continued Renald drifted off to sleep and began to dream. In his dream he heard his parents call out to him. He stood up and walked toward the edge of the boat to see his parents swimming after him, calling for help. They sank below the surface and Renald dove in after them, swimming as hard as he could to try and save them but he couldn’t reach them no matter how hard he tried. He began to feel fatigued and began to sink himself. Struggling to get back to the surface he began to choke on the water and his vision was going dark. Then as he felt that this was his end he felt a rush of water underneath him as he was pulled to the surface. He was now above water and move towards the boat on what seemed to be a horse made entirely of water.

As he was brought back to the deck of the ship Renald looked at the creature in amazement. He had never seen anything like it before and didn’t think something like this could exist. He thanked the creature for saving him. The horse turned and bowed its head, and then began to speak. “I have saved your life because you have much more to accomplish Renald Eversmore. Your spirit is strong as is your faith in all that is good in this world! I would ask you to go forth as my champion, to make this world pure and vanquish any evil and darkness that would make itself known.” “I will! I promise I will do all I can to fulfill this request!” Renald replied. “Also, what may I call you?” “I am the Lord of Aquatic Equines! Lord of the Sea and the Essence of Life. As most people know and speculate, water is the foundation of life itself. Every living thing in one way or another needs water to survive.”

“Then I shall go in your name my Lord. I shall vanquish any evil that makes itself known. But how can I do that when I have no arms or armor? Also I am still only a child.”

“Follow your faith Renald, and you shall never be led astray. The waters of life will lead you down your path. Now wake and fulfill your purpose!” The horse reared up and let out and echoing neigh mixed with a loud crash of thunder that jolted Renald awake. He knew his purpose in life now.

After Renald reached the continent of Mardrun he quickly began looking for work and ways to help others in New Aldoria. He went to temples and churches to give aid to any wounded or sick and likewise strengthen his faith. As he aged Renald began earning a name for himself in the churches and told the priests of his purpose in life. With these connections the priests were able to connect Renald with a weapons master that would teach him the ways of the sword. Renald trained vigorously every day until his body could handle no more. As years went by and Renald became an adult his training and faith became stronger and stronger. He was able to cast simple divine spells of protection and was able to use heavier plate armors. His body become quite tough, enough to be comparable to a standard Ulven. His skill with shields was equally as impressive but he knew he still had much learning and training to do. He spoke with his instructor about venturing out into the world and fulfilling his purpose given to him by the Lord of Aquatic Equines. His instructor understood how passionate Renald was about this endeavor and felt he was strong enough to carry out his quest. As a parting gift Renald’s teacher gave him a set of armor as well as a sword, dagger, and shield specially made by the town blacksmith, to incorporate Renald’s deity, as gifts for Renalds years of hard work and dedication. Renald thanked his instructor and donned his armor. With one last thank you, Renald went on to wander between settlements and cities offering help anyway he could. Whether that was being in the fray of combat for warding against bandits and such, or being in the churches offering help to the wounded and assisting any healers. He still had much to accomplish and much more training to do but Renald felt much pride in what he had accomplished thus far. Perhaps one day he will have the opportunity to return to Faedrun and save his parents and help them return back to the way of light if they were still alive. But for now his mind is focused on helping those on Mardrun however he can.

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