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Rattlesnake JonJon

PLAYED BY: Xak Hawkins

CHARACTER NAME: Rattlesnake JonJon



CLASS: Warrior

AGE: 38

RACE: Ulven

HAIR: Dark Brown

EYES: Blue/Green




APPEARANCE: Disheveled with an enigmatic persona

NOTABLE TRAITS: It never takes long for people to question JonJon’s sanity



-He was lost in the forest since he was a child and raised by deer

-He ate too many magic mushrooms and lost his mind


In the ancestral Ulven lands of Mardrun, there lived a warrior known as Rattlesnake JonJon. With a name that echoed his fierce and unconventional nature, JonJon was revered for his cunning and skill in battle. Clad in armor adorned with the likeness of venomous serpents, he struck fear into the hearts of his foes.

One fateful day, JonJon found himself wandering deep within the dense and ancient forest that surrounded his village. Drawn by an insatiable curiosity, he ventured further than any of his kin had before, delving into the heart of the wilderness. It was there that he stumbled upon a hidden grove, brimming with an assortment of mysterious and vibrant mushrooms.

Unbeknownst to JonJon, these mushrooms held an enchanting power, capable of unlocking doors within the mind and connecting mortals to realms beyond. With his insatiable thirst for knowledge and new experiences, JonJon was unable to resist the allure of these magical fungi. Ignoring the tales of caution whispered by his kin, he devoured them without hesitation.

Almost immediately, the hallucinogenic properties of the mushrooms seized JonJon’s senses, plunging his mind into a labyrinth of twisted illusions and fragmented thoughts. Reality warped around him, and the line between the physical and the ethereal became blurred. In this kaleidoscope of chaos, JonJon’s once steadfast sanity began to erode.

Days turned into nights, and JonJon wandered deeper into the forest, lost in the grip of his mushroom-induced madness. He conversed with unseen spirits, danced with shadowy figures, and waged battles against imagined foes. The forest became his realm, a twisted kingdom where serpents slithered through the trees and madness whispered from the shadows.

His pack, sensing JonJon’s absence, embarked on countless search parties, desperate to find their beloved warrior. Yet, the forest was merciless, concealing JonJon within its ancient embrace. To the outside world, he became a myth—Glimpses of a ghostly figure that haunted the tales of villagers, a cautionary tale of the perils that lurked within the woods.

As the seasons turned, JonJon’s mind continued to spiral into the depths of madness. His once-powerful presence diminished, replaced by a hollow shell of a man who muttered incoherent ramblings and gazed with vacant eyes. His pack mourned the loss of their once-great warrior, whispering prayers for his lost soul, and abandoned their search for him.

Years passed, and despite his madness, JonJon thrived.  The forest secretly had a niche for him and he had sunk into its embrace.  He foraged for sustenance and ran the beast trails at night.  He continued his dance with the fungi gods and found a somewhat symbiotic rhythm in his feral life.  He had no memory of his previous self but felt the instinctual pushes and pulls from stirred recollections at times.  

The animals spoke to him.  For a time they were his gods, and for a time after that – he was theirs.  These delusions evolved into what he perceived as a close and meaningful relationship with nature and the balance of the wilds.  Eventually, the beasts he ran beside began speaking reason to him.  They urged him to seek his own world once more.  What started as loving advice from his animal friends soon turned into looming threats.  He was welcome in their groves no longer and he felt a growing pull to leave – to seek out the civilization he long ago left behind.  

As Rattlesnake JonJon emerged from the depths of the forest, he found himself in an unfamiliar and distant land, far from the familiarity of his forest kingdom. The trees here whispered new secrets, and the air carried scents foreign to his senses. Confusion gripped his mind as he tried to piece together his surroundings and find his bearings.

With each step, JonJon ventured deeper into this new realm, guided by an instinct that urged him to seek answers and rediscover his purpose. The land revealed itself to be a place of vibrant cultures and diverse people, with large cities and serene landscapes awaiting exploration.

As he traversed through bustling streets and encountered individuals of different backgrounds, JonJon’s unique appearance and aura attracted curious gazes and inquiries. His presence, a blend of mystique and storied past, captivated those around him. Tales of his madness whispered through the lips of townsfolk wherever he lingered, intertwining with their own beliefs and legends.

Despite his confusion and disorientation, JonJon’s indomitable spirit remained. The same resilience that fueled his prowess as an Ulven warrior now propelled him forward in this new realm. He sought knowledge and sought to connect with the people and cultures he encountered, learning their ways and sharing his own tales of the forest.

As JonJon’s journey unfolded, he discovered a profound sense of liberation in being far from home. He was not sure how he knew, but the unfamiliarity of the land allowed him to shed the expectations and limitations that he vaguely remembered as defining him long ago. He embraced the opportunity to reinvent himself and to explore aspects of his identity that had long remained dormant.  While he did not remember what came before the forest, he could feel that a small grip of control had formed over his madness.  He felt.. Self aware. For the first time in many, many years.


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